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The Truth About Alice (2014)

The Truth About Alice (2014)

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About book The Truth About Alice (2014)

This book is about a very popular girl, Alice, who's accused of sleeping with two guys at a party. When her accuser dies, the rumor mill and bullies place the blame on Alice, turning her into a pariah at school. At the end, only one person asked her the truth about what really happened.I would recommend this book to a friend because it shows how rumors can ruin someone's life. It also shows how not everyone you call a "friend" is your friend. They may only be with you when you're in a good stage but once you crash they may leave. It also shows that the person you treated the worst might become the only one who cares about you. D.S. Grade 11CLPK Young Adult Readers Advisory Board Member This book had such a promising start to start a dialogue about real life in high school and the effects of gossip. However, this potential was never realized. The conclusion was short, ill-conceived, and seemed like an avoiding ending to everything the plot had built up. What was the point? Really? Truthfully, I think it's still worth it for students to read but I think a more honest discussion is required rather than a romantic story line sprung from no where.

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Terrible book with not a single original idea and terrible, inauthentic teen dialogue.

One intriguing book. Totally worth the votes I cast for them.

Kind of predictable but beautifully articulated characters.

it was sad but in a good way

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