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The Truth About Truman School (2008)

The Truth about Truman School (2008)
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The Truth About Truman School (2008)
The Truth About Truman School (2008)

About book: Truth About TrumanBy Dori Hillestad ButlerI think this book is one of the most Incredible books I have ever read next to the Mokingjay and The Tale Dark And Grim. Its all about this girl named Zebby Bower and her friend Amr and they want to make their own school newspaper because at school every thing doesn't make people want to read so they create and make it a free website for every one to post or comment what ever they want and when ever they want but first they need to spread the word to people about the website but after they get people to go in it something really wierd is going on and someone is posting really bad things about lily some are even lies about her and Zebby wants milkandhoney to stop but the first thing first, who is milkandhoney? And how will they be able to figure it out? But while Zebby is doing that Lily is going through a hard time and so is Trevor. Trevor is a good kid and all but all the other kids think he is a nerd and that is not all his mom died too. But is Trevor really the fascinating. guy he is showing to everyone . Lots of people change behind the screen. Who is milkandhoney it can be any one even that girl with the skin condition names Sara in this book anything can happen.This is for me a very majestic book.I never knew that kids that post mean things was so bad it even ruined a girls life and and all the friends she had. That is why we have limits of what we can do but those girls like hailey and brianna took it way of limits and it cost them at the end and for Brianna it was worse than it was for Hailey, I felt really mad at Brianna because of what she did and what she was trying to do and was feeling really happy when they found Lili but kind of angry at her because she was mean to Zebby and Amr and after she was mean they still went to try to find her even after all that mean stuff they had to deal with but she is still a person and they didnt want to treat her Like a dog. This book is so good its a KILLER. This book is a good book for people with thirst of and drama and a lot of happiness. I recommend this book is really good for capturing peoples entertainment and the inner soul of the reader.By: Eliseo PMannheim Middle School Normally when I wright a review on a book I use phrazes like "I'd recommend this to anybody" or it was "Amazing" "Detailed" "Developed" "I can see why every one loves this book" But what I didn't realize is that yah, I read some great books but I could never really relate to any of them, no mater how much I convinced my self I did. Reading "THE TRUTH ABOUT TRUMAN SCHOOL" I realized that I could really actually relate to a book. And Now looking back, I wish that I didn't speak so highly about recommending other books because I am finding it hard to describe this book- it is worth more than five stars. "THE TRUTH ABOUT TRUMAN SCHOOL" Is a book that packs a punch. It makes you feel like you have just heard Abraham Lincoln speak, or Nelson Mandela, whoever moves you. That is the feeling I got when I finished this book. When I read this book it took only an hour. It's only about 170 pages and an easy read. But it is a great read. It is about middle school, eight grade, in fact. It is about the truth, the way the kids see things. Its about bullying, and it inspired me. And This is truly a six star book. believe me when I say, I think all of us might benefit somehow from this book. I think you can tell, by the quantity of this review that this is a book to wright about. Please, find an hour, and read this book. I hope you get the same reaction out of it that I did.
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The message was good but I didn't really care for the style of it...
This book is good book.
its a good book
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