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The Turtle Catcher (2009)

The Turtle Catcher (2009)

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0618753125 (ISBN13: 9780618753123)
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

About book The Turtle Catcher (2009)

Starts with the ending (which is brutal and hard to read), then circles around to the beginning and moves forward (more, or less) so you know how each character ended up at this place. Interesting characters. However, there were so many interesting characters that it felt unreal. Loved all the historical detail (takes place in a small German immigrant town in MN during WWI) and learned many things. Ultimately a story about secrets and loyalty and how they affect each person differently. Beautifully written.Felt cheated with the mystical ending. Really? I waffled between 3 and 4 stars for this book as the writing captured the spirit and emotion beautifully. The reason I went with 3 stars were that she had some awkward bridges that forced me to go back and read and try and figure out what leap she had just made. She also wanted to create a sense of vagueness for the scope of readers, but her ending ended up making me feel frustrated and cheated. It was an emotional and sad book, and I needed a stronger ending than what she gave.Read this book when you are wanting something more sad and emotional.

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Would like to have participated in a discussion about this book. Sad story but interesting themes.

couldn't put it down; finished in less than 36 hours; outstanding

very odd yet compelling read

Biggest waste of time!!!

Loved this book

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