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The Ultimate Merger (2012)

The Ultimate Merger (2012)
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Delaney Diamond
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The Ultimate Merger (2012)
The Ultimate Merger (2012)

About book: Sabrina meets Renaldo in Chicago, where he came on a business trip from Brazil. They fall madly in love and he asks her to marry him and move with him to Brazil, where they would "lead" his company together. 3* for a quick , cute short story....The end... ....or so I thought! I keep reading on, only to find out that this is a prequel to a book, in which Sabrina and Renaldo are divorcing because she cheated on him! In the few intro pages i tried to find something redeeming about Sabrina and hoped it would all be a misunderstanding... However, Sabrina seems to admit all... I am not sure whether i want to read the book now that i know she cheated and I'm assuming she will be given a second chance.... I keep hoping it's a "romance novel mixup" and that it was all a misunderstanding that she couldn't clarify fast enough. I got this book as a free download on Kindle. I thought this was going to be a short story about two people who came together one night to share night of passion and keep it at that. I was so mistaken. This eneded up being a story about two people falling madly in love with each other and ended up having a nice surprising ending. I really enjoyed it. I love when I read something and think it is going to go one way and then totally surprises you and takes a completly different turn. However, I made the mistake of reading the excerpt to the next book due out called Second Chances and my heart broke. I won't give anything away but I really can't wait to read this next novel and hope this too has a happy ending. I have to hope the title of the book leads me to this conclusion. :)
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Neste primeiro livro ficamos a conhecer como se conhecem e os detalhes do casamento.
Good book!!!!
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