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The Unwritten #2: El Topo (2011)

The Unwritten #2: El topo (2011)

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Planeta DeAgostini Comics (Vertigo Comics)

About book The Unwritten #2: El Topo (2011)

Tom Taylor's story is finally unraveling, but instead of answers, we only get more questions and our main hero is even more reluctant to go through with his story ... But it's not like he has any other choice.Though not as action-y as the first volume you'd be happy to know that most of the comic tackle the purity of stories (well at least, I know I am.). As a devout bibliophile, I have often thought that reading stories can make any life better, that reading, in itself is a therapeutic way of dealing with life's realities. Nothing bad would ever come from reading stories . . . right? But when I started reading The Unwritten, the pedestal I've put literature on started crumbling and I started to question whether or not stories are ultimately a good thing, after all anything can be a weapon, if the intentions are thus. But good and evil was always subjective there is little reason to continue these philosophical thoughts.I babbled. Sorry. Regardless of my thought, The real story of Tommy Taylor is just beginning, and Unwritten has given me enough reasons to see through the end. After the first volume of this series I was left cautiously optimistic. The storytelling seemed dynamic, the dialog and plot well paced, even though the premise itself was quite goofy, albeit wittily self-aware of it.”Inside Man” fulfills my hopes. It retains the comic, shamelessly absurd atmosphere but delves deeper into some more intriguing themes concerning storytelling and the way we perceive reality and fiction. The ideas are obvious for a tale about a world where fiction becomes reality, but they are nonetheless explored in a fascinating way.There is some real drama involved here, and I’m now starting to believe in this story and the characters- fittingly- among all the potentially off-putting fantasy elements. To top it all off is an ending that I can’t wait to see resolved.

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This just keeps getting better and better

The ending is evil. Pure evil. :D

Still amazing on re-read!

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