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The Unwritten Rule (2010)

The Unwritten Rule (2010)

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1416978917 (ISBN13: 9781416978916)
Simon Pulse

About book The Unwritten Rule (2010)

Oh God! this book was a torture. I literally wanted to kill the MC. She is just too weak and too nice and too blind to other's faults.Well the story is very simple. Sarah likes Ryan who also likes Sarah but Ryan is her best friend's boyfriend. Sarah's chemistry with Ryan is pretty good which is the only reason i gave this book 2 stars(also because i loved Sarah's parents. They were adorable). Sarah had a crush on Ryan for a long time. But the real mess starts when he returns after one summer hotter and muscular and more beautiful and Sarah's BFF Brianna sets her eyes on him.So now Sarah doesn't want to lose her BFF but she also can't suppress her feelings for Ryan.This book could have so much potential if Sarah's character had been written differently. Her personality is worse than Bella Swan of Twilight. At least Bella stood up and made her choice and faced the consequences at the end. But all Sarah does through out the novel is mope and mope and mope some more. She is totally blind to Brianna's faults. She doesn't want to lose her but that is all that happens at the end. And most of all she has no dignity, i mean NONE AT ALL. Brianna SLAPS her and not even once she is angry about it instead she goes to ask for her forgiveness.Also when i think about Brianna how could she be so stupid. I mean if your best friend was looking at your boyfriend all the time you should get at least a little suspicious. But no she also has to be dumb for the story to progress.All this book is trying to do is make us feel sorry for a Mary Sue of a protagonist.Okay enough of my rant!This book was a failure for me. If the end had been written a little differently i may even have ignored the over-the-limit whining of the MC. This book could have been made a little spicy.The only good part of this book was her memories. They were the only parts described beautifully. This book was an amazing book. It really helps you realize who is worth what in your life. The book helps me think about who actually is here for me and who is just here to make them selves feel better. In the book it shows that her "best friend" is not really her best friend that maybe the people closest to you aren't the people that you should let that close to you. I would recommend this book to my classmates if this is the type of books that that person is in to.

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Hahaha. Whats funny is this book pretty much describes my life. Except he doesnt like me. Well i dont think so.......

Didn't really like the premise and found the characters felt a little too cliche.



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