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The Unwritten: Tommy Taylor And The Ship That Sank Twice (2013)

The Unwritten: Tommy Taylor and the Ship That Sank Twice (2013)

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About book The Unwritten: Tommy Taylor And The Ship That Sank Twice (2013)

I'm probably revealing a great deal about myself by saying I loved this one as much or maybe more than the main Unwritten series. I really did like the Tommy Taylor story a lot, and I missed it whenever the storyline went back to the adult, "real-life" Tom Taylor story. Sure, maybe all that stuff with the wand and the trumpet and the school and the professor are hackneyed. But there's also a stroke of originality in it, maybe in that it's a graphic novel, or maybe in that there's an awareness or irony behind all of it (especially apparent with the unicorn), or maybe in that while it's telling a children's fantasy story, there's also a grown-up awareness of just how terrible are the actions of many of the adults.All that said, maybe I'm just as much of a sap as the Tommy Taylor fans in the Unwritten series. But I would love to read another Tommy Taylor book. This was a very entertaining book. As the concluding parts mention, it has a lot of similarities to other stories, especially the current Harry Potter books.I didn't much care for the parts in the "real world" with the "author".The Tommy part was very interesting. While I haven't read any of the others, this seems like a great introduction to how he became who he is in later stories; and has me interested in reading the other stories...

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A veces creer es crear y cuando no, hay que crear en qué creer.

Interesting back story to the The Unwritten series.

The prequel to the graphic novel series.

Great series!

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