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The Valentine's Arrangement (2000)

The Valentine's Arrangement (2000)

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About book The Valentine's Arrangement (2000)

What could be better than tattoo shops? Military Men and Tattoo Shops! A fast read, a fast romance, but this story had appeal. It was spicy and it was romantic and it was also very emotional.We tie together a heartbroken woman with a soldier who is remembering his fallen comrades. She's a sexy, sassy mouthed tattoo artist who was burned by her cheating ex fiancé soldier boy. The last thing she wants is to find comfort, lust and love with another man in uniform. Especially one who is literally married to his job. He has never wanted, nor had, a commitment. EVER. He was the guy who gave up leave so that his buddies with family could go home at Christmas. He was never expecting to find Ronnie. This book was good, it held my attention and it certainly made me cry. I loved this book from paragraph one! First thing, it talks about Ronnie, the main character, and her hatred of Valentine's Day, which is my stance whether I'm single or not. Later in the book, she gives a detailed reasoning of that loathing for the holiday. For example, the fact people should treat their partners with that much love and attention all the time or sporadically not be forced to one day a year. I 200% agree along w everything she says in her mental rant, lol.Ronnie is a rough-around-the-edges type girl that works as a tattoo artist. Kale is the epitome of what she doesn't want-pretty boy and in the military, especially after a horrible breakup with her fiancé, Brandon. She's just waiting to run from the military lifestyle and the town she got stuck in because of Brandon.Kale is a career military man just looking for a bed warmer while on his 2 week R&R. However, both are instantly attracted to the other but Ronnie denies it at first. Eventually, Kale along with her friends wear her down and she arranges a sex only setup with Kale, on Valentines Day nonetheless.Both of these characters remind me of people I know, not only personality wise but situationally too. I love that Kelsie really got into parts of what base life/military life can be like for both sides, which is what is the whole reasoning behind the Valentine's Day Arrangement Ronnie and Kale create. However, their arrangement shows the other what they're really missing out out- true love and passion not just a idea of love and life together with someone. Also what it's like to have someone you can't wait to come home to instead of a bed warmer.A critical point in the book was Kale's injury. Kelsie details the gruesome injuries and incident causing them. She shows that love conquers all-whether appearances and injuries are permanent or not. She wrote this part so well, I was teary eyed (which does not happen for me with books or movies) at the beauty behind the scene because it really does happen and it, unfortunately, usually takes an extreme situation to make people see their feelings. I also REALLY appreciate that there wasn't an "OMG, I'm pregnant" moment upon Kale's return or anything like that. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, how the perspectives were written, the characters, and the fact it was more realistic than a lot in this genre since it approached the military lifestyle. This book was so real to me and made it easy to get into the character's lives, especially since I've had friends go through similar situations. I am super excited to read the next book in Kelsie's Hard Feelings series, Feel the Rush!- Jamie

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Those Alpha tattooed extremely physically fit HOT, Army men sure make a yummy story!!!!!!

Really liked this one. You know where it's going but it was a good read getting there.

I really enjoyed this. Review to come.

This was a cute and short read.

Review to come

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