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The Vampire Next Door (2011)

The Vampire Next Door (2011)
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The Vampire Next Door (2011)
The Vampire Next Door (2011)

About book: Honestly, I couldn't finish this book. I gave up about half way through. I checked it out from the library hoping for a nice light and humorous vampire romance, as opposed to the overly dramatic ones I have read in the past. Unfortunately the story was very weak, and I just couldn't stay interested. Plus the euphemisms used for male and female sex organs are just laughable, but not in a cute a jarring, poorly transitioned way. Overall, I did not enjoy this thing...sending it back to the library today. It was a good novel but it tended towards the "meh" side.It's the third book in this series, the two main characters in this one have been there since the first novel and it's only in this one that Hey! They dig one another! No previous hints, no nothing.I would have found it more believable if it had been a completely new female character instead of taking an already existing one.The series, so far, comprise only of three book and it's a good thing 'cause I am not sure I would read a fourth book.
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I've fallen in love with this series. Just the right amount of characters, love, sex and action.
Soooo slooowwww. Finally gave up. Just could not keep interested. Nice cover though
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