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The Very Cranky Bear (2008)

The Very Cranky Bear (2008)

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0545172241 (ISBN13: 9780545172240)

About book The Very Cranky Bear (2008)

The first thing that stands out about this book are the illustrations of the animals on the very first page. The lion has such a wonderfully wild mane and the moose has creative antlers. The illustrations throughout this book are colorful and creative.This is a wonderful story about the animal who is the least flashy (the plain sheep) coming to the rescue by helping the cranky bear. The other animals try their own flashy solutions, but none actually understand what the bear really needs. The sheep listens and the sheep delivers. Yes! This story is a great example of friendships and relationships.The bear may be cranky, but he is not frightening. I would recommend this book for any age. A good picture book with a short, enjoyable tale about some animals that are sitting in a cave and then suddenly discover that there is a very cranky bear sleeping in their too. They run out but then try to make the bear feel better about himself by making him look more like them. This does not work out very well but the day is saved by a very humble sheep.This is not the greatest book in the world but it has some fun text and lends itself well to dramatic reading. Another book to use when discussing how differences make us unique and we should not worry about trying to be just like everyone else.

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Yes, yet another cranky, grumpy, irritated bear story...well, I'm a sucker for a good bear story.

This book sends the message that it's ok to be ordinary. You can still do so many great things.

Awesome and so cute! I love the illustrations as well as the rhyming with the storyline!

Fun story with fun illustrations.

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