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The Vincent Boys. Riusciranno A Trasformare La Brava Ragazza In Cattiva? (2013)

The Vincent boys. Riusciranno a trasformare la brava ragazza in cattiva? (2013)
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The Vincent Boys. Riusciranno A Trasf...
The Vincent Boys. Riusciranno A Trasformare La Brava Ragazza In Cattiva? (2013)

About book: Things that are wrong with this book:Unnecessary love triangles: Don't choose someone you don't want to be with, just because you want to please everyone and make the right choice. Have the guts to choose whom you truly want. If you're a coward then don't whine through the whole book because you hate yourself and because they hate each other and they hate you. Class discrimination: Don't choose someone who has a better social standing just because you're scared of what people will say of you. Don't be that elitist idiot. Also, dear writer, don't make the boyfriend an asshole just to give the girl an excuse to leave him. People don't need excuses to end their relationships. Things just don't work out and that's reason enough. Religious judgement: Don't be a virgin just because you're scared of some archaic ancient institution that manipulates a text into making you feel horrible about your choices.Low self-esteem: Don't blame the perfect boy for YOUR change of personality just so society would think you deserve him. You changed on your own and became miserable on your own. He didn't force you. But also don't blame him for not knowing you. Also, don't blame the other boy for you breaking up the perfect boy's heart. Accept your fault on certain things but don't a martyr. Terrible editing: Don't use your as you're. Check your commas. Check your paragraphs. Just CHECK THE BOOK BEFORE PUBLISHING IT.I hate this book. Enough said. I am trash for liking this more than I thought I would. I normally HATE cheating novels and spend the entire time feeling sorry for all of the characters but I felt like this one was okay. The synopsis lead me to believe that Ashton was just an annoying, whiny and naive girl who refused to lose her virginity to her boyfriend and went to the nearest 'bad boy' she could find. Instead, it's about 3 childhood friends who split when 2 of the 3 begin a relationship that soon becomes long term. When Sawyer, Asher's boyfriend of 3 years, goes away for the summer, Asher rekindles her friendship with Beau and their old feelings manage to get in the way. It was really enjoyable although you're waiting the entire book for Sawyer to come home and find out Ashton cheated. With every Abbi Glines book, there's the 'I love yous' thrown around too early but insta-love seems to be her go to plotline. I guess this isn't instant, however, since their friendship and close-ness seems to go way back. Also, I really, really want like past scenes written about how Sawyer and Ashton got together and what Beau felt like when he found out.
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Wow this was really good! I didn't want to put it down. need to read the sequel now
Lots of chemistry, and it's charming in a delightfully reckless sort of way.
Gewoon niet weg kunnen leggen, wat leest dit boek heerlijk weg zeg
Great Book!
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