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The Visitor (1996)

The Visitor (1996)
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The Visitor (1996)
The Visitor (1996)

About book: The second Animorphs book is narrated by Rachel, who was one of my favourite characters when I was younger. I'm not sure how much I buy all her protestations that it's what's in your head that matters or whatever, for the characterisation of a pretty teenage girl who doesn't even realise her second best friend is going through hell... But I guess I did buy it when I was younger. Rachel's kinda ideal, really, as a character to relate to -- her family isn't perfect, her parents are divorced, so she isn't quite too good to be true, and she's smart and beautiful and trying to do the right thing.I kind of forgot how character focused these books are. Rachel and Jake both have Human-Controllers in their family, and have to struggle with that aspect of the fight. So does another character, I'm pretty sure I remember that rightly, but we don't know that by this point. Cassie doesn't seem to have much angst in that way, it's true. But all of them have personal issues to deal with along with the fighting. It's not quite as action packed as I thought it was.It's kinda realistic that the kids don't know how the hell to start fighting a war. It kinda feels like, at this point in the books, you don't see how they're ever going to get a handle on it. There's so much they don't know. Just surviving is a huge victory -- and that's all they do in the first two books. This book shows us a very little more about the Yeerks -- a little of their culture, I suppose, with us finding out what their names are like and that it seems quite hierarchical... But ultimately, nothing much is won.Fun and quick to read, doesn't require much thought. Not exactly full of subtlety, though there are some touching and emotional bits -- I quite like the scene where Rachel realises she can't trust anyone, not even her little sister... I remember how much I used to root for certain characters getting together -- Cassie and Jake, of course, and Rachel and Tobias... I'm looking forward to finding out how it all ends, and whether those characters do get that.Again, rating mostly reflects how I felt about it as a kid, though I did like it quite a bit as a quick trashy read even now.

After the events in book one we have the 5 Animorphs reeling with Tobias plight and with the revelations of who all are working with the Yeerks, voluntarily or not. This one is on Rachel's POV and it made me love her character even more!She's one strong and determined girl and one that doesn't like that anyone think that she can't do what others can do because she's a girl, and she's got quite some awesome sass in her.The mission now for the Animorphs is trying to get intel and find out the new location of the Yeerks pool and to do so they need to spy on Mr Chapman, a human Controller, and the best way to do so in for Rachel to morph into the family's cat: Fluffy McKitty.This book deals with the voluntarity of sacrifice and how not all hosts were passively accepting their Yeerk masters, and also details a lot more on the effects of morphing, not only during the experience and how you feel what the animal is feeling by instict and emotion but also how that affects you and how there's a fight for control between the animal mind and the human mind. I loved the descriptions of being a cat and how essential they're the most awesome animals, because even when scared, they take no crap from anyone!I really liked that parents are shown in this book, trying their best to protect their kids as is within their limited means, and not simply be absent or dismissive. I understand that all the kids are unsure about talking to their parents or any other adults, cause you don't know who could be a host to a Yeerk.Another really fast and gripping read with quite complex themes being addressed but with no preachy feel to it, well deserved 3.5 stars.
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Jennifer Rayment
Jake's Review: There was a little too much talking and not enough action in this one, I think maybe because it was narrated by a girl. (Mom's note: points for knowing the word narrated, smack upside the head for the sexist comment). There was lots of funny and gross stuff which I liked. Liked the part where Jake turns into a lion. I don't like the Taxxon dudes because they are super scary. I think this would be awesome if they remade it into a movie or TV show -- not like the old one you showed me. Hopefully the next story will be told by Marco -- you are going to buy me more of the series right mom. (Mom's note: darn straight I will, I have to make sure you become a lifelong reader -- unlike some other male members of this family)Jake's Rating: 9/10Mom's Review: I can see why Jake didn't like this one as much as the first story, it s narrated by a girl. There is also a lot less action than in the introductory story. That being said, I enjoyed it more than the first one. Found it fascinating when the kids morphed into the animals and described their experiences as the animal. Sort of a way of teaching the kids something, but not having them realize it. I think this will be a great series for both boys and girls, as long as they keep switching the narration up. I never read the Animorphs series before, so I don't know if these are just reprints or updated stories. What is nice if it is just a reprint, the stories are told in such a way that it won't become dated. I Like that there are strong female characters in it. That's right lovely son, chicks can and do kick a**. A good continuation of the story and I actually look forward to reading the rest of the series. That is right followers -- I have never grown up.Mom's Rating: 9/10We received this from Scholastic in exchange for an honest review
The Animorphs gang decide they need to gather more information through spying on their assistant principal, Mr Chapman, a Yeerk Controller. Rachel goes undercover as Fluffer McKitty, the household pet, to uncover more of Visser Three's plan for the world. In order to obtain Fluffer's DNA in order to morph, Rachel first morphs into a shrew to lure the real Fluffer down from a tree. It was very entertaining reading about the different thought processes and instincts Rachel had when she morphed into each animal. The book was fast-paced, with the looming danger that Rachel would be stuck in an animal's body if she didn't morph back to human within 2 hours. Rachel discovers more than just what's in store for the world as she spys on Mr Chapman. Melissa Chapman used to be Rachel's best friend until one day they just drifted apart. She notices that the Chapmans act really unnatural and emotionless toward Melissa and Melissa is depressed because she feels her parents don't love her anymore. I was moved (view spoiler)[when the Chapmans attempt to fight the control of the Yeerks in their heads when they attempt to harm Melissa. The power of love! (hide spoiler)]
Animorphs is the series that introduced me to the large-scale worldbuilding that's an essential part of so many science fiction sagas, so it's a tribute to K.A. Applegate's versatility that she also excels in crafting small-scale drama. The Visitor is a case in point. After the global threat of the Yeerk invasion is revealed in Book #1, Book #2 changes focus from saving the world to the impact of the war on a single family, that of Rachel's friend Melissa Chapman. I love this book for its multif
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