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The Wallflower (2008)

The Wallflower (2008)

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I think my problem with the story was that I needed it to be more than what we knew from the other books in this interwoven story lines. I'm also not a big person for a lot of description about of decor and clothing styles... blah, blah, blah.I think if the author actually put her story lines together maybe the stories would be better, maybe not all we're getting from this novella is what color the walls are and that stuff I really don't care about. Max holy male hotness! "hot damn, Max thought, watching the little dynamo that was Emma in action. Why the hell didn't I stop by here sooner? He'd been busy setting up his practice, true, but you'd think he'd have made the time to stop by. Be neighborly." Max plays dirty to get what he wants from Emma, "hmmm. In that case, I suggest we go out to eat. Maybe after I feed you you'll be more willing to tell me what I want." And he's blunt, "and then I'm going to take you home and eff you raw." As her eyes widened, he added, "And, baby, that will be better than good." Emma she has a temper until she gets what she wants, "she was still snarling at him until he led her into the woods. She stopped snarling when he got naked. When he changed, she began purring." I can tell this will be another series that I like.

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This was good for some light and fluffy easy reading which is exactly what I wanted it for.

Loved it! Reminded me a little of shelly laurenstons series which I also love!

I thought this was a good book. A simple story.

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