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The War With Mr. Wizzle (1990)

The War with Mr. Wizzle (1990)
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The War With Mr. Wizzle (1990)
The War With Mr. Wizzle (1990)

About book: Scholastic Apple Paperbacks from the 80's could always be counted on as the G-rated Disney label for books: fun, safe, lighthearted stories for children and tweens completely free of offensive material. I read this book years ago, unaware it was part of a series from Canada since the characters were so similar to Americans in speech and behavior. I had a faint recollection of a story about rebellious boys trying to out-smart their strict teacher. It was fun locating a used copy on Amazon and re-discovering this book again through adult eyes.I won't give away any spoilers but I do want to warn the reader that the adults portrayed in this book are not, shall we say, "the brightest crayons in the box" as Bruno and Boots, the two school kids, manipulate their teachers in order to avoid changes to their comfortable boarding school life. You will laugh with nostalgia at everyone's 1982 archaic fears of what is now commonplace technology. Older Gen-X like me will remember a time when computers were just large boxes that processed data before evolving into the second appendages we all carry around today. Bruno and Boots could've saved themselves a lot trouble if they'd only had Facebook!Read this and enjoy!

The War With Mr. Wizzle is probably the funniest book that I have ever read. Macdonald Hall is a peaceful, fun, and happy place, until a black-haired (somewhat plump) man named Walter C. Wizzle comes and takes over with his computer (the 515). Bruno, Boots, and the rest of the boys at Macdonald Hall, try to get rid of Wizzle before he completely ruins Macdonald Hall. But the boys aren't the only ones having problems, The girl boarding school across the campus, is having major problems. Their sweet and old teacher, has hired someone to come and help her teach. The new teacher is an extremely energetic and strict person. Her name is Mrs. Peabody. It takes Bruno, Boots, all of their friends, and the girls to try to get rid of these two teachers.
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I remember reading it and thinking what if there was a way for a computer to match peoples? This was when I was 13, I never imagined. I love all the Bruno and Boots books, the same way I love the Little House on the Prairie Series. I think my Mom had bought them so I would have something to read and didn't think I would wear them out from re-reading. They were the first books I can remember finding funny and make you laugh outloud.When I think back now, I don't know who I feel more sorry for - the students or the teachers.
To be honest, The War with Mr. Wizzle is not my favourite Macdonald Hall book. I mean there were still some laugh-out loud moments and the characters still get into ridiculous hijinks, but I don't know, the book overall felt a bit flat to me. I guess, it's because the matchmaking of Mr. Wizzle and Ms. Peabody and the success of it felt weird to me. I think this is a matter of personal opinion so don't let my discomfort dissuade you from reading the book if you're a Korman & Macdonald Hall
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