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The Way Life Should Be (2007)

The Way Life Should Be (2007)

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0060798912 (ISBN13: 9780060798918)
william morrow

About book The Way Life Should Be (2007)

Being single and living in New York with a busy Italian family can be difficult enough as Angela Russo already knows. In her family, they always want what is best for her and have no problems letting her know their opinions. As an event planner, she is waiting to make her mark in her job so that she can take on bigger projects. That is why it is critical that she pulls this one off without a hitch. Not only that but her best friend Lindsey has found her soul mate through the wonders of internet dating and believe Angela should give it a try. So much is changing around her that it is hard to please everyone especially in her family and it seems her once peace of mind comes from cooking with her Italian grandmother known as Nonna who conveys a love of cooking while dispensing out bits of sage wisdom. Is it possible that life hands things to you and at times we simply let them slip through our fingers without thought that our happiness may have been right in front of us through a series of chance encounters all along? So Angela decides to give it a go and dreams that her match might just live in the coastal charming cottage she has on her office bulletin in Maine, so they is where she begins her search. She never imagines that she might one day be telling her own children and grandchildren how their parents met, through a internet dating site that spelled love at first sight and would lead to happily ever after. Ah but not everything is as it appears and even though Angela has a date scheduled to coincide with her arriving in New York to meet some very influential clients, she isn't prepared for the disaster at her job that will leave her questioning everything. Is falling in love really all it's cracked up to be even though everyone around her seems to have no problem finding it but her? In the latest novel The Way Life Should Be from Christina Baker Kline, she gives readers a glance at the world of Internet dating for a struggling single woman living in New York. The characters she writes about feel like real people as they weave in and out of Angela's life. My favorite is definitely Nonna, who shares her passion for cooking as well as her passion for life in the time that they spend together. She makes Angela realize that all her choices need to be hers and not at the whims of well-meaning family and friends, because in the end, it will be the life she is left with. She can be happy or unhappy but only she can be the one to make that choice. Along the way, Angela makes some brave choices leaving her entire life and family behind to follow a dream even though it doesn't materialize the way she dreamed. It teaches her more than advice does and along the way she meets some really great people who will be there for her when she needs them the most. I received The Way Life Should Be by Christina Baker Kline compliments of William Morrow, a division of Harper Collins Publishers for my honest review. I did not receive any monetary compensation for a favorable review and the opinions contained in this review are strictly my own. There is a reader discussion guide and some fantastic recipes I can't wait to try at the conclusion of this novel. I give this novel a 4 out of 5 stars. There is some sexual content and profanity but overall the story is well written and I easily read this in a couple of hours it was simply that great!

I received this book from the publisher via as an Early Reviewer. I was very interested to read this as I loved Orphan Train also by Christina Baker Kline.Angela Russo was raised by her dad and Italian nonna in New Jersey and remain close to them. Now single gal in her early thirties living in New York and an event planner for a museum. She seems to have it all but love and a soul mate. Taking a chance she gives online dating a try, she sets her sights on a man from Maine and immediately convinces herself this is "the guy". They meet halfway for a first date which sets Angela off on an all consuming pursuit of love. Losing focus on the job, her current responsibilities literally end in flames. Out of work she sets off on a new path - to Maine and the man of her dreams. While she knows she is taking a huge risk leaving everything behind, she ignores the sensible advice of her best friend and family and goes anyway. When things don't go as expected with her chosen "soul mate" she must re-evaluate why she is there and what she wants to do with her life.This was a quick light read and while somewhat predictable I did enjoy it. Kline's description of life in Maine is heavenly and indeed "the way life should be". Highly recommended for a vacation/beach read.How I acquired this book: HarperCollins via Early ReviewersShelf life: Two weeks

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I enjoyed this book. Angela Russo is a thirty-three year old Jersey girl living in Manhattan working as an event planner for a small museum. She is bored and her love life is pitiful. She has a somewhat troubled family life, a wonderful Italian immigrant grandmother, a loving but weak father and a step-mother who is a bit of nightmare. Her best friend just met a guy she is crazy about on an on-line dating site.Ill prepared, Angela launches herself into an on-line relationship with a sailing instructor from the Bar Harbor area. They spend a magical overnight together in Boston. Angela loses her job (quite funny) and decides to move to Maine on a whim.Things get complicated fast but Angela persists in her Maine adventure and finds a supportive group of friends who help her to realize her true calling. Complex enough to keep my interest but the decision to move to Maine was a bit far-fetched for me...most girls living in Manhattan would never make this move! They all seem convinced the Manhattan is the center of universe. Maybe that is why I found Angela likeable!

This women's fiction held my attention all the way through.Angela, the heroine, is thirty-three and single but looking for a love she can settle down with.She wanted to study the culinary arts because she developed a love for cooking from her Italian grandmother, but her parents talked her out of it. Now she's an event-planner for a NY museum, a job she's so good at, she can do it with her eyes closed.When her best friend finds a significant other online, Angela is timid about giving it a try but eventually finds a man's profile that calls to her. He responds, even writes haiku just for her. When they do connect, she's sure he's the perfect man for her.Only he's in Maine.Thinking about him and worrying whether she should take a chance and give up her life for him, makes her sloppy at work. She forgets to sign up for fire insurance when the event she plans hires a fire eater for the circus theme. It wouldn't matter except that the fire eater gets into a fight with the juggler and before anyone can react, the place is on fire.So she loses her job and reason for staying in NY.In Maine, she doesn't find what she expects, but she does find what she needs.The story is satisfying and entertaining. And, for anyone who cooks (I don't), there are marvelous sounding recipes. I think anyone who likes women's fiction, especially WF with mouthwatering recipes, will enjoy this book.

I was given a copy to review via Goodreads First Reads.I wasn't sure about this book when I first started reading, but I totally fell in love. I guess I can relate- a thirty-something who feels like they still haven't found their place in life. This is a book about discovery and finding yourself. I do love that the characters in this book are in their thirties. I've read books where a 22 year old character feels 'lost' in life. No one knows anything at 22! Anyway, the characters are all relatable and real. I'm just about ready to move to Maine and become part of their makeshift family!

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