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The Wedding Dress (2012)

The Wedding Dress (2012)

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1595549633 (ISBN13: 9781595549631)
Thomas Nelson Publishers

About book The Wedding Dress (2012)

I gave it a 3 because while I really loved the premise of the story and the history of the dress, I was thrown by the Christian Fiction aspect of the book. The description on the back cover does not make any reference to it being a Christian Fiction type book so it threw me a bit and I think the way it was put in at times was more distracting than anything. But the story of Emily and Charlotte and the dress was really enjoyable. What a beautiful story of four women and one wedding dress! Charlotte is a reluctant bride-to-be. Two months before her wedding, and she hasn't found a wedding dress yet, let alone sent out invitations. The guy is great, but something is holding her back. . .until she finds an old trunk at an auction in desperate need of some TLC with a welded shut lock. Once the trunk is opened, Charlotte embarks on an amazing adventure learning about the three previous women who owned it and its contents. Overall the book is a good mix of contemporary fiction and historical fiction. The characters are strong in their faith even when they don't think they are strong enough to deal with situations around them. It was a delightful read.

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Overall this was a good book. It was just a bit too religious/mystical for my taste.

Some of the narrative is just extremely slow and hard to get through.

truly beautiful tale of love, faith, and time

Sweet sweet story, well written.

Good story and an easy read.

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