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The Wells Of Hell (1990)

The Wells Of Hell (1990)

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0722159919 (ISBN13: 9780722159910)
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About book The Wells Of Hell (1990)

This is one of Masterton's early horror novels and as far as I'm concerned this author can do no wrong.Back Cover Blurb:New Milford was a peaceful old town where nothing ever happened. Until overnight the water turned a hideously sinister colour. Then Alison and Jimmy Bodine disappeared and the body of a young woman was discovered - the gory remains of an inhuman feast. Rumours of the scaly crab creatures on the outskirts of town had already thrown the citizens into a state of total terror but nothing had prepared them for the unimaginable horror of the evil that had worked its way with young Oliver Bodine's body: SOMETHING HAD CHANGED AN INNOCENT CHILD INTO A LOATHSOME, SOULLESS MONSTER, A NIGHTMARE VISION FROM THE BOWELS OF HELL.....Far beneath the town a legacy as old and as evil as Satan, a legacy of supernatural force and destruction, had returned to claim fresh victims to swell the ranks of a race that sprang straight from the Wells of Hell.

Okay, deal with this...A Lovecraftian Old One is asleep in the sub-strata of New England, and, uh...having exciting dreams which are causing him to loose his seed into the local water supply. This causes people to mutate into giant lobsterish monsters with a desire to eviscerate the populace. Who can save us? The local plumber and his friend from the health department! No, seriously, I mean that! If you can imagine this book as a movie, I'm sure you can imagine in on a drive-in movie screen. I know I did.

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OK. So call me silly. I really enjoyed this cheesey read. It was like watching one of those really bad horror movies thats just so stupid but you can't stop watching it. I just couldn't stop reading it. I love Masterton's early work. One of my favorite writers of horror. Although this book just wasn't shit your pants scarry it was still a fun horror read about people turning into lobster like creatures with hard boney shells. All because they drank well water. What more is there to say. Loved it!!

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