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The White Aura (2012)

The White Aura (2012)
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The White Aura (2012)
The White Aura (2012)

About book: I can't seem to put this book down. I love the characters, the storyline, and everything else about the book. I literally fall asleep reading cause I don't want to stop. My eyes are drooping and I'm bobbing, can't remember the last half of page cause I was falling asleep not to stop and go to bed, so I have to read that page again lol. If you like fun characters and serious ones too, it's quite a mixture, a good story and something that flows well and keeps your interest get this series, I'm still not finished all of them but I love it. Trust me you will not be disappointed in these books. HAPPY READING. ** ARC paperback was received in exchange for an honest review ** From the very beginning, this book kept my attention because I wanted to know what was going to happen in the end with Scott and Olivia. Would they ever be able to overcome the obstacles in their way? There were parts that I really loved about the book, and other parts that fell flat for me. Some things could have been expanded on to make things clearer, and maybe even help the story more. Though it wasn’t enough to make me stop reading the book. I liked that Scott and Olivia had a type of forbidden relationship, though Olivia didn’t know about it at first. She just knew Scott as the mysterious man in her dreams. However, later on in the story, the reason why Scott stayed away from Olivia seem to be nonexistent until the end when it was brought back up again. Though some parts fell flat, I still liked the book. I’m interested to see what will happen to Scott and Olivia in the next book. Are they ever going to get their happy ever after or will everything be too much for them?I think that anyone that enjoys paranormal young adult books should give this one a shot. The story line is intriguing and the suspense is there, so it does its job of keeping your intertest. I’m interested to see what Felicia will put Scott and Olivia through next.
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It totally bites to fall on love with the man of your dreams (literally) who's family is cursed.
So this book just didn't do it for me. Nope.
Did not finish. Not in the mood for YA.
I loved this book!
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