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The Whole Enchilada (2013)

The Whole Enchilada (2013)

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0061348171 (ISBN13: 9780061348174)
William Morrow

About book The Whole Enchilada (2013)

Goldy's son Arch and his friend Drew are both turning 17 and she's catering the birthday party. When Drew's mother Holly drops dead leaving the party, it starts a wild chain of events.There are a myriad of story lines that are finally drawn together with a semi-implausible conclusion. There's also an unexpected surprise at the end. It's total fluff, but typical Davidson and good for a light, quick read. Thank you to Harper Collins for a copy of The Whole Enchilada by Diane Mott Davidson. I am familiar with this author from seeing many of her novels in the bookstore or on the shelves at libraries. Diane writes what many know as foodie mysteries. This type of mystery is a first for me.Synopsis: Goldy is preparing for her son’s birthday party. Her catering business will handle the food for the event. A good event could mean good prospects for her catering business! She is also excited to see her friend Holly who she has not seen in a while. They are getting back together to celebrate both of their sons’ birthdays. Holly has been rather secretly recently and Goldy wants to know what is going on. Before she has the chance to ask; Holly collapses at the party and dies. Now she has many questions with no answers. How will they help the Great Meadows police department investigate?My Thoughts: I had never read a foodie mystery before. The journey back into mysteries is a gradual dip into the water. Goldy and her friends’ story take place in this series. I dropped into the middle of this series. First you will notice if you have not read this series before the first fifty pages will catch you up on what has happened so far. I initially wondered how much background information we the readers would have to read. All of the sudden page fifty brought along the action and started to keep me interested in the story. The only other part that bugged me is how much time is spent discussing the recipes and prep. Yes, this story is about a caterer. I did enjoy the story and will probably keep my copy for the recipes.

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Food porn with a Scooby Doo mystery thrown in. I really need a caterer that lives with me

Easy read, but her usual predictable plot.

I light, fun read as always

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