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The Winter Witch (2013)

The Winter Witch (2013)

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1250001315 (ISBN13: 9781250001313)
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About book The Winter Witch (2013)

I just finished The Winter Witch for the third time. I love it!!! I can't stop re-reading these books! Paula brings to life the emotions and struggles of each character, they leap from the pages at you!!! From the get go, you know what Morgana will be, but you have no idea the extent. Her love Cia, he is a soft Welshman, with a pure heart to love. I HIGHLY recommend this book and the rest of her books to ANYONE. These are books that transcend genres, thy make a new one....AWESOME!!! A truly breathtaking novel. The changes in POV are so fluent I didn't notice them until around halfway through the book.I have never seen the magnificent Welsh countryside displayed so beautifully and impressively. I was in awe (and still am to some extent) of the rolling, wild, barren hills. The description is definitely the best selling point of this novel. It is done in a talented, unique and enthralling way that I have never seen done before. Description is one of the weakest points in most books yet Brackston employs it in the most perfect manor.The characters are definitely addictive. Morgana is a lovely, kind-hearted young witch who marries an equally charming man. The main part of her characterisation is that she is mute and has been since she was very young. This is used as an advantage in the writing of this novel and the thoughts and feelings expressed in Morgana's personality are realistic and gripping.In conclusion, I am beyond glad that I picked up this novel off a whim at the library and it is now by far my favourite book.

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Wonderful read. Fast paced and engaging. I would recommend this book to those that enjoy fantasy.

another holiday read. enjoyed it

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loved it!

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