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The Woman Behind The New Deal The Woman Behind The New Deal (2009)

The Woman Behind the New Deal the Woman Behind the New Deal (2009)

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About book The Woman Behind The New Deal The Woman Behind The New Deal (2009)

I had read how the state of ME took down her mural - one of the comments was it is reminiscent of “communist North Korea where they use these murals to brainwash the masses”. I had to find out more about this woman that inspired crazy comments like that to be listened to. I have to say I am so glad curiosity brought me to learn more about this remarkable woman - that I am sad to say don't remember discussing in history class. So much of our modern work lives are because of her efforts. Workman's comp, fire drills, the list goes on - Thank you Frances Perkins! And thanks to the author for an easy to ready and entertaining biography. I loved this book. Frances Perkins is an unsung heroine of women's rights and human rights. Many who hear the title will instantly think of Eleanor Roosevelt, not Frances Perkins. Yes there is much left unsaid about what "drove" Perkins, but there are many things I learned or intuited from this book about this brilliant woman and the overwhelming obstacles she faced. She is little known today but hopefully this book will resurface her remarkable contributions. Perkins was the first woman in a presidential cabinet. She was "a driving - if not the driving force" behind the social aspects of the "New Deal" including social security, unemployment insurance, minimum wage and workplace safety. There is much to be learned from her humility, compassion for people and her ability to keep ego in check and achieve results on issues that have lasting positive impacts on the United States. This is a must read for anyone interested in history, and the rise, influence and powerful, positive impact of women in modern US politics.

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Excellent and easy to read biography of the first woman to be a cabinet member.


A very readable, hard to put down, biography of Frances Perkins.

Excellent book! Francis Perkins was quite a remarkable woman.

Thorough and very interesting biography on Frances Perkins.

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