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The Words He Wanted To Hear (2000)

The Words He Wanted to Hear (2000)

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About book The Words He Wanted To Hear (2000)

3.5-4. Sophie has been in love with her best friends brother since she can remember.. One night her dreams come true & she sleeps with Max.. She is hopeful it will be more.. But he acts totally indifferent to her afterwards..It's a good read, I just wished Max had not been such an ass to Sophie.. I am curious to see where it leads.. And why Max seems to act like a jerk after their encounter. There should have been a little more background on Max.. It's a quick read. I have to start with the good. The end of "The Words He Wanted to Hear" was pretty good. Definitely a little bit of a cliffhanger to get you to buy book #2. The rest of the book was kinda blah. Sophie is whiney and Maxwell is just plain messed up in the head. I'm not sure if I'll read more of the series. This is another one of those series where the "real" book is released in parts or short stories to keep the reader wanting more. I do like short stories. Unfortunately these books that release short stories where each short story really is a few chapters of a bigger book is a tad bit annoying. I'm glad this was a free download. I think paying $3 for each book in the series is a bit steep.

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A little confusing but nice book..awaiting for the next two...

No plot what so ever and the writing was spastic and unreal!!

Hate these little books.

Way to short!

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