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The Wounded Spirit (2000)

The Wounded Spirit (2000)

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About book The Wounded Spirit (2000)

Are you curious as to Author Frank Peretti's background? His real-life story is told through these pages. I nearly wept when I read paragraph after paragraph of the abuse haunting his adult eyes. He shares his struggles, healing process, and freedom found in Christianity.Here's the official synopsis:f you've ever been there,you've never forgotten. The feeling is as haunting and familiar as the smellof a junior high school locker room.It's the feeling of being undersized … or oversized … or klutzy … or less than beautiful. Of being a nerd … or a geek … or just, somehow, different.It's knowing you are vulnerable-and someone is ready and willing to take full advantage of your weakness by making your life miserable.It's the fraternity you never wanted to join-the fellowship of the wounded spirit.And bestselling novelist Frank Peretti is a member, too.This book is the haunting true story of pain Frank Peretti never forgot but never, until recently, shared with the world. It's the story of growing up with a medical condition that left him disfigured. A series of surgeries and the slow miracle of answered prayer took care of the deformity, but not the underdeveloped frame or the excruciating reality of being different. And it was for these petty "crimes" that Peretti was prosecuted every day at school-especially in gym class, but also in the halls, on the school grounds, even in his own neighborhood. No wonder he found himself relating to movie monsters who were hated but also feared-and who eventually exacted a bloody revenge on their tormentors!In Peretti's case, deliverance eventually came-through time, through prayer, through a teacher's caring intervention, and his own willingness to seek help. But he has never forgotten what life was like at the bottom of the junior high food chain. And from the reservoir of those agonizing memories he sends a compelling message to victims, to bullies, and to authorities who have the power to intervene-that it's never OK for the strong to abuse the weak. And that we allow such abuse at the expense of our souls … and our very civilization.Especially in the wake of the massacre at Columbine High School-perpetuated by two troubled but also tormented outsiders--this message takes on haunting resonance. Frank Peretti believes we cannot afford to overlook the continuing reality of wounded spirits, not only in our schools, but in our homes, churches, and workplaces. His approach is both tender and tough as he issues a ringing call for a change in attitude.It's a call for all of us to stop thinking of abuse as "normal," even among kids.It's a call for the strong to stand up and protect the weak, not prey upon them.It's a call for those in authority to pay attention to the violence being done to the vulnerable in the midst of our everyday lives and to take action to help.Most of all, it's a call for bullies and victims alike (many of us are both) to seek the healing and forgiveness offered in Jesus Christ. For that healing is really the heart of this book-the only reality that can break the natural cycle of victimization and abuse.Only in Christ, Peretti reminds, is there hope for the wounded spirits-but that hope is powerful enough to change everything.

tThis book had been sitting on my shelf for years until I picked it up yesterday. The bolded words on the cover -- "this is not fiction", "this is real" -- spoken like a zealous car salesman or a monster truck rally announcer, waylaid my interest in reading the personal story of a well-known author of Christian fiction. I thought I'd read a couple of pages to see if it was worth keeping on my bookshelf.tWell, a few pages turned into the entire book in just half a day. I was surprisingly pulled into Peretti's story, all the while feeling both convicted and humbled by his experiences. He did a fine job of illustrating how deeply people can bury their hurts; many carry burdens from childhood into their adult lives and continue to struggle. I don't imagine anyone could read this book without evoking remembrances of persons whom they've harmed or been injured by.tThe ultimate point Peretti makes is that we are all God's creation, and as such we must respect the divine inspiration by which we were fashioned. No one likes to be tortured, physically or verbally, and this points to a universal truth -- "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." In a postmodern world of relativism, it's good to be reminded that every person abhors being tortured. Absolutely.

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This is a very moving, very encouraging book. I consider it to be one of Frank Peretti's best works. Peretti invites readers to consider why exactly they are so surprised when tragic events occur (i.e. Columbine). He urges readers to think about, and change, how they interact with others. Finally, he offers sound advice for those coping with abuse, bullying, etc. Peretti provides help for everyone: the abused, the abuser, and those (who wittingly or not) are both.Everyone on the planet should read this book. We all can benefit from it.
—Dorothy Bandusky

Mr. Peretti does it again! This time in non-fiction. He acknowledges the problem and lifts the veil from our eyes and with a no-holds bar approach, clearly, effectively and correctly provides the solution to where society went wrong - It needs to turn back to God and away from the survival of the fittest and all of its evolution lies. Without God, we have no moral compass, no value of life, and no hope for the future generations.With the lies we've been told regarding where we came from (primal ooze), what truth is (it depends), and looking out for number one (forget caring about our neighbor), the real question is why are we shocked when a massacre occurs? We've been taught that life doesn't matter - but that's wrong. Life matters! God matters! Until we get that right we are doomed to repeat history.I can't think of anyone who couldn't benefit from reading this book. It applies to the bullied as well as the bully. It includes those who stand by and do nothing and those heroes who step in and stop those who intentionally or not wound the spirit of others.
—Nancy Bandusky

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