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The Yoga Club (2000)

The Yoga Club (2000)
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The Yoga Club (2000)
The Yoga Club (2000)

About book: The Yoga Club by Cooper LawrenceFour costumed Sarah Palins bond when faced with adversity after witnessing a heinous crime. Ms. Lawrence background and exposure shows in this book. The characters, their behavior and the setting are so far beyond the bulk of the population that is smacks of fantasy or Science Fiction. The plot and the characters could be lifted from practically any supermarket tabloid. The sad thing is that due to the antics of the wealthy and famous it is hard to not take the plot and characters as somewhat realistic. I find it hard to believe that people behave the way the three Jills and a Jack-eline behave but apparently some folks do behave and live that way. The book is practically a travelogue to another dimension beyond belief or at least as far as afternoon Soaps. I suspect it will be a huge hit with tabloid buyers and beach readers. I also suspect that most guys would find this a difficult read. For the appropriate audience, I recommend it. I really enjoyed this highly entertaining lighthearted read. Cooper Lawrence strikes just the right balance between chick lit and cozy mystery while having a great deal of fun. All of the characters are larger than life versions of themselves…caricatures if you will… which I assume is Cooper’s point. We can poke fun at them while still being able to relate to them which I found to be a great feat. I enjoyed getting to know each one as the storyline unraveled. And I will warn you that the plot does unravel quite slowly. While there is a mystery at it’s core…that is not what this story is all about. The crime that the four “Sarahs” witness is merely the device that draws them all together and allows us insight into each of their lives and the developing relationships between them. That is the core of this book…the friendship building. We all know how difficult it is as adults to find and develop lasting new friendships…and this book explores that conundrum while also having a lot of fun with stereotypes. I’ve seen a few negative reviews and I fear that perhaps those readers just took this book a bit too seriously. The characters are exaggerated, they are superficial, they do take actions that make the reader want to reach through the pages and slap them…but it’s all part of the hilarity of the story. This book contains very little mystery…and also very little yoga...but plenty of fun!
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Lots of name dropping and current events here. Very readable. Enjoyed the 4 Sarah Palins!
This was really good. This book isn't really about yoga. It's about friendship.
Good book especially since its written about the cast and crew of Greenwich CT
It's ok...not something I would buy but a nice change.
Character CJ brings this up a star; very little yoga
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