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The Zucchini Warriors (1991)

The Zucchini Warriors (1991)

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About book The Zucchini Warriors (1991)

I chose this book, because of the author, Gordan Korman, he's one of my favorite authors and I thought it would be interesting to read another book of his, because they are always funny and interesting. The Zucchini Warriors is about two boys named Bruno and Boots, and a couple of their friends, they all go to a school together called,"McDonald Hall." During their year there, they both experience many wacky problems and difficulties, such as a girl joining their football team, the Zucchini Warriors. My favorite quote from this book was when Elmer, the school nerd says,"They're Manchurian bush hamsters, sir,an endangered species. I'm attempting to make them reproduce." I like that quote, because it shows the silliness of the book itself, and how many wild things happen in that one year alone. Gordan Korman's writing style has always been one of my favorites, his writing style makes you feel like you're a hidden camera and you're experiencing everything that's happening to these unfortunate characters. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a hilarious book to read, with many bizzare and absurd things that happen to Bruno and Boots, this book is for sure to get a laugh out of even the most stingiest of people.

YA. Macdonald Hall gets a football team and their quarterback's a girl. Literally. This book is pretty one-note. Usually Bruno and Boots have a goal (Save Macdonald Hall!) and then have to overcome a series of obstacles by way of hair-brained schemes (Collect Pop Cans! Get Someone To Go On A Date! Steal Computer Paper!) in order to achieve that goal. Here they play football. A lot. Plus Elmer's weirdly out of character (purposely, yes; realistically? no). But this book did one thing for me. I can finally tell the difference between Cathy and Diane. (Hint: Cathy's the one who's like Bruno.)

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This isn't quite as funny or creative as the other Bruno and Boots books, but it's still a lot of fun! The characters are as fun as ever and the deadpan humor is ever-present. I especially like the spelling errors on the scoreboard(**ZICTORY!**)and the misunderstanding that almost leads to Mr. Sturgeon being arrested. I also love that Cathy Burton was given such a significant role in this book, since she's such a great character! "The Zucchini Warriors" is not my favorite of the series(the earlier ones were more creative), but it's still a really goofy, funny book.

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