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Their Newborn Gift (Mills & Boon Cherish) (2000)

Their Newborn Gift (Mills & Boon Cherish) (2000)

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About book Their Newborn Gift (Mills & Boon Cherish) (2000)

I actually really enjoyed this and I wasn’t expecting to. I thought it was well written and even though it got a bit too sweet for me in places, had a good plot to it. I liked the fact that it broke a couple of Mills & Boon stereotypes for me. I didn’t even realise it was one until I saw a bigger version of the cover. I also thought it was easy to read and after a while I forgot that I wasn’t reading a proper book. I did see a couple of issues with the typing but there wasn’t anything too crazy.Lea – she’s the leading lady and I didn’t know what to make of her at first because of her hard exterior, but once I’d got past her front and saw that all she wanted was the best for her daughter, I began to respect her a lot more. I kind of got why her past had made her so closed to having Reilly in her baby’s life from the start but I think that she should’ve given him that chance. As her walls came down he proved himself more than worthy.Reilly – I really wasn’t a fan of Reilly at first, his actions were disgusting and nothing condones them for me. I could see that he loved his newly discovered daughter but I hated what he’d said and I couldn’t get past it. As the story progressed, my initial thoughts of him changed and I saw that underneath the gruffenss there was a good man with a big heart. He also had a bad past and his understanding towards Lea is part of what made him so close to perfect in the end.Overall this is a lovely story that had the perfect happy ending. It did get a bit soppy for me in places, but that’s because I don’t normally read this genre, I managed to cope with it because a lot of it surrounded the little girl (whose name I’ve forgotten). I thought Lea and Reilly had great chemistry and I was really rooting for them to get it on long before they did. This was quite a quick read but I did enjoy it. Set in rural Australia, a woman tracks down the man who fathered her daughter during a one-night stand. She has an unusual request: her daughter is dying of aplastic anemia and cord cells from a full sibling might mean a cure. The father, a rodeo rider with infertility-causing testicular damage (all that bouncing around on bulls! but fortunately he has banked sperm!) is initially reluctant, but willing--his only condition is that he gets the baby. It's a tough ride from here to romance. I really liked the Australian setting, and there is a hair-raising scene involving a swimming hole. In some ways this read a little more like a woman's fiction issue book than a romance (which I like!).

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I loved this book so much and cowboys what more could i want and it was free on amazon kindle =)

This was my first book for 2013 and it was a huge disappointment.

Escapist, undemanding & light but I enjoyed it.

Great story. Good read. Highly recommend.

Not one of the best books I have read !!

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