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These Men (2014)

These Men (2014)

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5 Sensual StarsI was given this book for my honest review.Almond Brittle has 4 major ingredients when making the perfect brittle. Sliced or slivered Almonds, sugar, karo syrup and a stick of butter. When combining the ingredients on the top of the stove to make the perfect mixture before we put it on the waxed paper to cool to have our delectable treat to enjoy throughout the year. The first taste of our treat is so mouthwatering it is hard for the imagination to comprehend the sensation. Eli-sweet, hunky and laid backCain-hottie alertPaige-sweet, caring and promiscuous at timesEli is really a laid back kind of guy that loves with his heart. He cares for all that he comes in contact with. He has no expectations from anyone other than himself. He gives without wanting anything in return other than a grateful smile. He wants happiness in his life and what he has with Cain is that feeling of serenity but knows that something is missing to make his life completely in awe.Cain wow what do you say about a hotter than hot kind of guy that can be loud. He opens his mouth with never the fear of inserting his foot. He is the guy that could care less about what other people think or say about it him. He is perfect in every way, shape and form. He has completeness with Eli but he also has that wanting of something more deep down inside. What is this want that he has? Will this want make him complete or will fear tear it apart?Paige is the girl that is promiscuous she wants what she wants and will not settle for anything else despite what others say. She has the carefree attitude to some extent but deep inside this woman wants more. Can she find what is missing in her life? Can it be right in front of her or does she have to go on a search to find it? And what is actually missing? She knows that when the light shines brightly she will find her answers but will they come too late?Cain, Eli and Paige’s journey is one that is amazing yet heartbreaking to. They have all come together in this web of a triangle that neither of them can deny. Can these three make it to giving up sacrifices that will ultimately be the end of great friendships or will it be more than that? Can the giving and receiving of each other’s friendships make it to finding the ultimate happiness that they all so richly deserve? Will there family and friends accept them or have objectionable words?To the author: Another hit it out of the park read. The simplicity of these characters that have come together had me in awe all throughout the pages. Thank you for letting this reviewer take this Awe moment with these characters. I hope your readers enjoy them as much as I did.Happy Reading This was my first Andrea Smith book that I have ever read. It was just okay. In the beginning, it seemed like there was some info that I was missing to be able to understand the story better. I also hated the main character, Paige. She was annoying. Her selfishness and immaturity drove me crazy. The only reason why I am giving this three stars is because she slightly redeemed herself in the end, although she was still annoying. I don't think I'll be reading any more of Andrea Smith's books unless I run out of books to read.

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Seriously the best story in the Bend anthology. I love the way this author writes!

I didn't love it and I didn't hate it.



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