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They Say Love Is Blind (2012)

They Say Love is Blind (2012)
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Pepper Pace; 1 edition
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They Say Love Is Blind (2012)
They Say Love Is Blind (2012)

About book: Well, at first I thought this book would end to quickly. Wrong...The twists in the story made me feel this wouldn't end happily. I enjoyed the fact the Lee loved Tory just the way she was. But I think they got together to fast. Perhaps I'm old-fashioned.I suppose this is just a cute love story, because after all they went through they stayed together.Was the first novel I read with an Azorean character - a sexy, blind man, at that. I was surprised.Oh, and that Rosalind was a b*tch. I can't say enough that I love this author.This story was different that the normal romance stories. I was really started this book saying to myself "Pepper make me believe" and she did. Her characters are always challenged whether its due to a physical or emotional disability. Her characters are not the usual characters in a book which make you wonder if the stories will be believable.The development of the characters makes you believe and also makes you question your own believes. I loved Tori and Lee. They were great and they were also flawed...we all are. The supporting characters added to the story instead of distracting from it. I loved the obstacles that they had to face because they handled it well in the story.Again, I believe Pepper's message is that love can come from anywhere. Are we open to receive it?
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This was another great one by Pepper Pace. I simply loved the sexiness and vulnerability of Lee! ;-)
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