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Thief Of Thieves, Vol. 1: "I Quit" (2012)

Thief of Thieves, Vol. 1:
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1607065924 (ISBN13: 9781607065920)
Image Comics
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Thief Of Thieves, Vol. 1: "I Quit" (2...
Thief Of Thieves, Vol. 1: "I Quit" (2012)

About book: Art's nice. Simple form of realism without being over-padded.Story was all déja-vue. The Italian Job, Ocean's 11, and a bunch of others have already told what is basically the same exact story.A few "fun" instances, but over all, pretty run of the mill stuff.There are alot of way better crime stories comics out there *cough*Brubaker's Criminal*cough*.The only thing that does manage to stand out is the cinematic artwork. Kirkman and Co. offer an interesting premise and a story that isn't heavily drawn upon within the medium. A little bit of Elmore Leonard is tossed with Ocean's 11 and a dash of the Godfather series. The characters are all interesting, but the dialogue is not always original or engaging - Kirkman seems to have only written the story outline and not the page by page script. It will be interesting to note if he continues to be involved. This is definitely one of his stories as it is about taking the genre and inserting a family dynamic with a focus on the characters' journeys. The art may be the best thing about the book with very clean lines and a definite style that harkens back to the Sunday serials.
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Another con-man heist book. The formatting/art threw me on this one. Otherwise an enjoyable read.
Very Ocean's Eleven-y, a fun little read. Interested to see what heist is next.
Brilliant story!! Wow. Someone please make a movie out of this.
Nobody outside of comics actually talks like this, yeah?
Simply: it's fun to read.
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