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Third Grave Dead Ahead (2012)

Third Grave Dead Ahead (2012)
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1250001544 (ISBN13: 9781250001542)
St. Martin's Press
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Third Grave Dead Ahead (2012)
Third Grave Dead Ahead (2012)

About book: I've just finished reading this, and Im feeling a little too awestruck to review it now that I've spent about 8 hours reading it non-stop, but one thing for sure I would've given it a 10 stars if that existed on Goodreads, I don't remember the last time I actually giggled while reading a book. the characters in the story and this part in particular just stood out, both dead and alive, not to mention my new literary heroine/bff/role model Charley Davidson, if there was anything I loved more than her uncanny ability to talk to dead people, solve crimes, help ghosts get to the other side and get a good thrashing and still looking like a rockstar, it would be her sarcasm. Im not quite a fan of paranormal romance but I loved every part of this book and just as I started to have doubts about my feelings for Reyes Farrow the story took a nice twist at the end. I can hardly wait to get my hands (my eyes since Im reading the electronic version *sigh*) on the next book, oh and Im totally getting those shirts printed out when Im rich enough...a shout out to Saray who suggested I should read it in the first place, I will be forever grateful ☺ Holy moly this series just keeps getting better.Betrayals! Murdered-not-murdered people! Guardian arrives for Charley! Whoo HOO. I picked the first book up as a quick read. I have read this and the second book in one day. Could not put it down.I love the dialogue between Charley and *Reyes* Sigh *Reyes* awesome guyAnd Donovan does not seem to be shabby either. *sigh*
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I am enjoying this series, it mainly might/could be due to her humour.
This series is laugh-out-loud funny!!!
I really liked this book!
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