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Third World America: How Our Politicians Are Abandoning The Middle Class And Betraying The American Dream (2010)

Third World America: How Our Politicians Are Abandoning the Middle Class and Betraying the American Dream (2010)
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Third World America: How Our Politici...
Third World America: How Our Politicians Are Abandoning The Middle Class And Betraying The American Dream (2010)

About book: I've heard people around me saying for some time now that the "middle class" is deteriorating. I didn't really even realize this to be true until recently when things pretty much hit home... the company I work for began to "outsource" a whole lot of our work to another country. This suddenly began to set the red flashing lights in motion for me and my co-workers alike. So far, no one has been let go... so far. But everyone is feeling unsteady these days. Not as secure as we once had.This book was recommended to me and, in my opinion, really is quite an eye-opener. I found it to be very well written and very easy to read and grasp onto for the most part. (Even with a not so political mind as my own). It does not point the finger at anyone in particular but seems to spread the blame out evenly. There were a few sections that kind of dragged on and lost me a bit but the overall majority of the book had me finding it difficult to put down. Definitely worth at least checking this one out. Especially if feel like you are caught in the crosshairs, like many of us are starting to feel, unfortunately... Read for "Real World Reads" non-fiction book club at Crystal Lake Public Library for March 2013. The woman is a genius, I am ready to elect her right now. A lot of what is in this book I have been saying for years, and I was very surprised. I do not know much about her, but will start paying attention to her now and looking at The Huffington Post online. I thought she was spot-on about the issues, how they arose, and had some very smart ideas on how to fix the mess. I found her willing to poke at people on both sides of the aisle in Washington, but more importantly, she looked at the cause of the issues and not just the symptons. She did not spend all of her time blaming politicians but looked at the figures, organizations, and other factors that are the real causes. I think every politician needs to read this book and every voter as well, we elect them, they should speak for us and act in our interests, not in the interests of lobbyists and corporations. I am excited for the book club discussion coming up this Tuesday. This should make for a great jumping-off point for some discourse on these serious issues.
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Totally awesome. Every person in America should read this book.
Fabulous book. Everyone should read this.
Eh. Read Elizabeth Warren's book instead.
This is a MUST READ !!!!!!
Very good. More please.
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