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This Beautiful Life (2011)

This Beautiful Life (2011)

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0062024388 (ISBN13: 9780062024381)

About book This Beautiful Life (2011)

I like that the book dealt with the stupid things kids do and how they have to face the consequences -- Jake, the 15 year old son, is sent a naked video from a girl who likes him, and he forwards it to a friend, who forwards it ... This book showed how his actions tore up his parents and their relationship. We get insight into 3 of the 4 members of their family. Interesting read -- wish it would have ended differently. It took me much longer to read this very short novel than it should have done because it was so mind numbingly banal and boring. It tried too hard to be of the times and modern when it was already passé at the time of its publication - teenagers getting up to no good and sending around dubious videos via social media, smartphone or laptop etc is all old hat nowadays. Horrible set of characters that I just could not care less about. Too long for a short story, too short for a novel. Ending was rushed and made no sense. And why do we care about any of the minor characters who are mentioned in the "where are they now?" montage at the end?! Thoroughly disappointed by this novel and the unsophisticated way in which it was written (especially the second half). Yet another modern American author trying to be clever and cool but failing miserably. A Donna Tartt wannabe if such a thing exists....

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I don't really remember this one either. Aahhh why don't I write notes after the book!

I thought it was a sad book; the ending was quickly put together .

Just couldn't continue turning the pages.

Good discussion book for a book club.

So short I finished it in a day...

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