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This Dark Endeavour (2011)

This Dark Endeavour (2011)

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About book This Dark Endeavour (2011)

I thought that this book was really amazing. I just love how the author took a story that we all know, and added a twist that made it so interesting, and not just the same old boring story. I thought that it was really well written. I couldn't stop reading it, and I loved every second that I was reading it. I have never heard of the author, but the description looked so good, I just had to read it. I usually don't read books like these, but I thought, hey, why not. I do not regret it at all. I think that it has a good mix of mystery, love, and action, to make the perfect combination. I really recommend this book to anyone who needs a really good book to read. I can't wait to get my hands on this book. I am a huge fan of Kenneth Oppel's Airborn series, and I accidentally purchased the second book in this series without realizing there was a book that preceded it. So now I need to hurry and find this one before I can start on the second one, and staring at it on the book shelf and not being able to read it is killing me! ***Updated 11/3/14Wow. This was an incredible, somewhat heart-wrenching, and beautifully written story. I loved every word of it. I especially loved how well the characters were written, which is something that I have always loved about the characters in the Airborn series. Kenneth Oppel really has a talent for bringing his characters to life. I especially appreciated Victor. He's not a character that you necessarily like...but he is such a great one. On the back cover of the edition that I read there is a quote that is from Elizabeth that says "There is a passion in you that scares me." and that is really the best description of Victor. You can see how that passion is slowly turning to madness and it's a little bit heartbreaking to watch. Overall, I loved the book so much, and I am so excited to move on to the next book.

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I really enjoyed this. Great story, great take on an old tale, great reader.

Loved this book! Captivating, thrilling, I couldn't put it down!

Fast paced. Enjoyed it very much. Great characters.

Great characterization.


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