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Threadbare (2000)

Threadbare (2000)

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About book Threadbare (2000)

I thought this Monica Ferris book in the series wasn't quite up to par with the rest of them--or maybe it's because I didn't really like the different way she wrote it. I was not fond of the ending where she just had the person who committed the crime sign a confession in the police station. I also have been disappointed in the character, Connor. It really doesn't seem as though she's built up this character at all and definitely not as much as all the other characters we've come to know in the mysteries. Still, I had to read it as I'm almost done with the series and they are really nice for just an afternoon of reading. I read this book first out of the series, not knowing which came first but seeing there were plenty on the shelf at the library to keep me occupied. It made me want to read the whole series and figure out the background and why this lady investigates murders. Not bad--I'm not into needlework so it can get a little technical, but not a real turnoff. I thought it had just enough clues for the real culprit to make sense, but not so many that I guessed the answer halfway through, so I wanted to keep going.

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Poorly developed characters and weak plot. Sloppy editing. A disappointment from this author.

A dead body is found frozen in the cold winter snow. Who was the culprit?

Another in the series. Predictable yet a fun easy read.


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