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Three Doors To Death (1995)

Three Doors to Death (1995)
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Three Doors To Death (1995)
Three Doors To Death (1995)

About book: What is better than finding an unread title of a Nero Wolfe volume by Rex Stout? It's finding three, all consolidated into one volume entitled Three Doors To Death. The three novellas were published in magazines in the late '40's, but Stout's writing ability and clever plotting is as fresh as ever.Archie Goodwin remains Nero Wolfe's stenographer, gofer, assistant detective and Man on the Spot for the brilliant detective who hates to leave his home as much as he hates to miss a meal. In his witty style, Archie, the narrator of the Nero Wolfe books, writes a Foreword that pulls the three novellas together, pointing out the details the stories have in common as well as the exceptions to Nero's mystery-solving methods represented in each.In Omit Flowers, for instance, Wolfe does leave his home to take a meal in the restaurant of a close friend, and then proceeds to take on a case involving a friend of the restauranteur, and winds up solving the case as a favor to his friend(i.e., NOT for money!)...both rare exceptions to Wolfe's usual style. In Door to Death, Wolfe once again leaves his lair to resolve a murder in upstate New York. He makes the exception because he is set on hiring away the gardener of the estate. He may be the only gardener capable of taking care of Wolfe's orchid collection while his own Theodore Horstmann is on emergency family leave, and thus unable to render the tender loving care to Wolfe's orchids that their survival requires. Once at the estate, Wolfe has to stay to absolve the gardener, who discovers the body of his own fiancee' in his greenhouse, and is then unjustly accused of killing her.In Man Alive, the detectives are hired to find the uncle of the young lady who hires them. He is presumed to have committed suicide, but his niece is sure she has recently seen him. But before they can locate him, he is found dead at the family business. Once again, there is a murder to solve.Rex Stout is a witty man, incredibly non-"politically correct," and in the process, hilarious, not to mention a gifted creator of mysteries and resolutions to the mysteries that are just as creative.

Nero Wolfe solves three separate mysteries with the help of his assistant, Archie Goodwin. In the first, Man Alive, a fashion designer who supposedly committed suicide has returned only to be murdered. There are only five people alive who could have murdered him and it’s Wolfe’s job to find out which one did itIn the second story, Omit Flowers, a chef is accused of murdering his boss’s husband. Wolfe, suspecting the widow and her “flock” of children, must prove the chef’s innocence by catching the real killer.In the third story, Door to Death, Wolfe finds the body of a murdered girl while trying to hire a gardener to replace Theodore while the latter is away for a family emergency. The gardener is suspected and Wolfe must prove his innocence if he wants someone to care properly for his orchids!Of the three Nero Wolfe novels I have read this summer, this has been my favorite. Each story begins with a set up, every detail that is needed to solve the mystery is presented. From there, Wolfe merely needs to piece the puzzle together and solve the mystery. With the exception of Omit Flowers, little new information is added during the course of the stories.
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This is collection of three short stories about Nero Wolfe. Each story is a fast read. Of course with a short story there isn't the time for a lot of twists and red herrings, but each story is a fun read. Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin must solve three murders. In one a young model thinks she has seen her dead uncle and Wolfe must figure out what is going on. In another story Wolfe's good friend who is a restaurant owner asks Wolfe to clear his mentor of the murder of the owner of another chain of restaurants. In the third story Wolfe is looking to hire a replacement for the man who tends his orchids. When the new man is accused of murder Wolfe solves the case in order to get back to his beloved orchids.
Finished the first of three Nero Wolfe cases - Man Alive. A young woman asks Wolfe to find her uncle who supposedly committed suicide a year ago but she is sure she saw him. When the uncle is actually killed at the business the woman is the chief suspect. Three deaths have occurred to those associated with the business - two accidents and a supposed suicide turned murder. Wolfe is suspicious. Completed the second case, Omit Flowers. Nero Wolfe is approached by a friend, a wonderful cook, who has been arrested for murder. The friend swears he didn't do it but circumstantial evidence indicate that he could be guilty. Wolfe believes his friend and takes the case free. The murdered man is the husband of a woman who owns a chain of restaurants called Ambrosia, her second husband. The woman has declared that he will run the restaurants as her first husband did but he has no experience. Who did the murder? The cook, one of several children, the wife or the former girlfriend. The third tale was called Door to Death. Nero Wolfe is looking for someone to care for his exotic flowers - one of the few passions which will bring him out of his home. When he finds the man he wants, he finds that the man is accused of murdering the woman he plans to marry. The Pitcairns, who employ him, are perfectly willing to let him suffer the consequences. However, Wolfe, works to prove the man's innocence so he can take care of the exotic flowers. Suspects include the other servants, an assistant gardener, and all of the Pitcairn family. All in all these tales were fun to read.
I suppose I could spend some time detailing the plots of these three novellas, but when it comes right down to it they are formulaic, but my, what a formula. I love Rex Stout, although the early novels are probably better than those toward the end of his life. Nevertheless, if you have never read any Nero Wolfe stories, you must. The characters are classic and the word interplay between them is wonderful. My favorite is the third. Wolfe is desperate as Theodore has left for an extended period of time to care for his sick mother so Wolfe has no one to do the dirty work with the orchids. He thinks he’s found a replacement and has actually left the brownstone to beseech Andy to come work for him. Unfortunately, Andy’s fiance has just been killed and he’s the prime suspect so if Wolfe wants to get his orchids cared for he has to solve the crime quickly. Wolfe actually has to sneak through the woods in the middle of the snow, falling down a couple of times. Now that must have been a sight.Just go read all those you can get your hands on.
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