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Three Times Lucky (2012)

Three Times Lucky (2012)

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About book Three Times Lucky (2012)

I think Three Times Lucky is a great book. For me it was a little hard to get into at first, but once the story line was down, it turned out to be better than I had originally thought. It was great trying to figure out who the murderer and kidnapper turned out to be and trying to figure out who committed the crimes. I was a little disappointed that the character (killer) wasn't somebody who was introduced earlier in the book, but it was still interesting, especially when I learned the truth behind the Colonel's past and about his ironic problem with lawyers. i like the book three times me i recommend this book to someone more little because to me i think they will love it enough to keep reading and reading.i like this book because it has solving problems in it.i can prove it by the text in the book because it says "by the morning,the Colonel still hadn't called, "We have to do something,"I told Miss Lana as we walked up the gravel path to the café. "I'll handle it Mo,"she said-again."You don't need to worry."She kept her voice easy,but i knew from the thin of her smile that she was worry to.i can relate to Mo because hes out going and brave to any thing. thanks for reading my review.

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This book was awesome!! If you like mystery stories, than this book is perfect for you!!

it was really good I liked it although its for reading bowl I liked it

It was a real mystery!

Fun, easy read.

Really a 3.5.

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