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Three Weddings And A Kiss (1995)

Three Weddings and a Kiss (1995)

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Fancy Free by Catherine AndersonSetting: Shady Corners: streets, church, ranch outside of townTheme: falling in love; overcoming self doubtsCharacters:Clint Rafferty: 27 years old; mother died 6 years ago; alcoholic father died 5 years ago; they lost that farm, and moved to homestead – he has care of 6 younger brothers (youngest 6); he’s worked hard to make the ranch work and to care for his sister; Matthew and 5 brothers: Matthew the next oldest, and he looks a lot like Clint, and he charms the ladies, and he drinks too much; Rachel Constantine: marshal’s daughter; hot tempered; when believes Matthew embarrassed her sister who has a crush on him, she wants revenge, so she gets dora to help drug him in his whiskey… and Rachel will draw him into the church, get his pants off, and leave him to be found Sunday morning embarrassed; she needs glasses, but a man told her she is ugly with them, so she hides them.Summary:Clint goes to try to get Matthew to come home with him, and drinks some of his whiskey so that he won’t – but leaves without him… and Rachel is there to draw him into the church… he is getting droopier and droopier, and she is coming on to him… and submits to his kiss (which is much nicer than the preacher son’s kiss)… and when he passes out (with her blouse undone, and his belt unbuckled), he lands on her, and her head bounces on the ground, and she is knocked out – waking up Sunday morning… Dad forces them to marry (and Clint’s okay with it – earlier thinking maybe the ranch needs a woman’s touch, and he doesn’t want a homely one, and he remembered liking kissing her). And for a month, she makes the place a home with her heart – but she is a lousy cook (and can’t even read the recipes without her glasses), and not so good at the mechanics of housekeeping… when Clint’s aunt comes, and takes over the house (believing she is helping) and Clint is subdued in lovemaking because is embarrassed to think his aunt can hear them… Rachel leaves, thinking they don’t need her… and Clint lets her, thinking maybe his lovemaking was lacking, and that’s why she left.But when in town, Dora tells him how she broke Rachel’s heart, and that she is going to leave to go east to a relative – and Clint camps out in the church, and makes a heartfelt confession to her in front of all saying what he never said – he loves her, he needs her, they all need her. ahhhh The Mad Earl’s Bride by Loretta ChaseSetting:1820; Radmore Manor with its quicks and cliffs (with in Dartmoor England; tenement in London, Rawnsley Hall in Glucestershire, - England; asylumtTheme:Sin; guilt; controlling grandfather; practicality; listening; loveCharacters:Aminta Camoys: married into the Rawnsleys; her sin includes an affair with her brother in law – and in one tryst, when his father returned unexpectedly, he pushes her away, and she falls, hitting her head – hidden because they did not want to explain it (though we don’t know why)… for 6 months she is sickly and getting worse… her behavior is eratic, she gets violent, she ‘confesses’ her sins (and her son’s sins)… and when she takes a knife, the Earl has her committed to an asylum; Dorian is told, goes to his mom, finds her tied to a chair, her hair shaved off, lost weight. He unlocks her, holds her, she seems lucid and tells him of ghosts that come to her, and then attack her, giving her terrible headaches, she tells him of the tortures she endures… he is going to take her out, but his grandfather shows up, and threatens to withdraw his funding, and tells him he knows what is best for her… and his mother dies 2 weeks later, there is an autopsy, and the report shows the asylum did not harm her, that her brain was deteriorating.Earl of Rawnsley: despot, 4 sons, multiple grandchildren – rules them all with the giving and withholding of money; a tyrant, vocal about no sex;Dorian Camoys: Aminta’s son; she spoke of her sins with him – they are close. His plan is to do well at Oxford so that his grandfather will finance a year’s travel on the continent, and then he will travel to the new world, and find a way to make a living and not depend on his grandfather. But along with his studies, he is a randy man, but feels very guilty after each encounter. Unfortunately, as his mother spilled the beans, and even though he was first in his class, his grandfather lectures him in front of the whole family, will not finance his travels, wand wants him to cowtow to him… and Dorian refuses, and leaves, with his grandfather telling him stop him from getting a job, threatening anyone who might hire him… he goes to London for 8 years, working the docks by day, letting his hair grow, and performing legal copywriting at night… and then he starts to see ghosts (or at least flashing lights, that then settle in his head, leading to great pain – knives slashing his brain, and nausea; he is convinced he has whatever his mother had, and he returns home, to his mother’s doctor (before grandfather got involved), who gives him great doses of laudanum and tells him he has 6 months to live; He gets a letter from grandfather demanding he appear to the family to defend himself – he does not go… and on the appointed day, a roof collapses killing all there… making him the sole male heir, and now the Earl;Gwendolyn Adams: a distant cousin, goes to the funeral with her grandfather and parents; her grandfather is asked to sign some papers as representative of the family since the earl refuses to step into his role… and they read the letters exchanged between the two, and get some history, and find out he is dying… and they decide that Gwen should marry him, get pregnant (they are fertile), she can study his illness, and she would inherit his money to open her hospital. She is an intelligent, thoughtful, observant woman who is training to be a doctor – though she has to overcome many gender bias’ against her; she wants to open a hospital in a more practical way. Dr. Eversham is progressive, and recognizes her value and allows her to study with him;Dr. Eversham: specializes in neurological maladies; Gwen’s mentor; first choice to head her hospital;Bertie: - ‘his heart bursting with good intentions, would never understand why it was impossible.’ Gwen’s cousin, classmate of Dorian; Down’s syndrome sort of? He joins Gwen and family in going to Dorian – and looks forward to being a groomsman, and ultimately a godfather to their children.Summary:The first half of this story was quite dark and sad… where is the romance? Well here it comes…During one of his headaches, Gwen’s grandfather proposes Gwen’s marrying him, and he agrees. But when they show up, he escapes out of the window, and takes his horse flying toward the cliffs, where he thinks he will not be followed… and she does – rolling her eyes. He believes a witch is following him, and he misses a turn, and he falls, rolling down into quicksand… she stops, sees his problem, assesses thing, and get his horse calmed and a rope to pull him out… he is cursing at her the whole time. They rest, she ignores his temper… it starts to rain, they have time to talk… and she listens to him – understanding that he did not remember agreeing to anything… and asserts that she will tell him the truth in all things – and tells him her reasons for marrying him. He notices that he is attracted to her – the sound of her voice, her ankle, her bosom – and as they ride back he advices her to decline, to run far from her… and when he helps her off of her horse, and sees her reaction to his touch, he agrees to marry her.And a marvelous couple of months they have – they make wonderful love (the first in the bath she puts him in to balance his temperature – ice pack on head, warm his extremities – and as he feels ease from the pain, and a peace, he pulls her into the bath with him, and they make love), she tries different remedies to ease his pain, they talk of their memories, she tells him of her plans for the hospital – and he wants it started now before he dies, to ease the way, and stop detractors; he gets copies of his mother’s medical records for her perusal; she is pregnant, and begs him to live longer, to at least see the birth of their child; he arranges for Dr. Eversham to join them… and the doctor stopped and spoke with Dorian’s mother’s maid… and meets with Dorian, telling him his mother died of a concussion (the maid tells him of when she hit her head), and a concussion is not hereditary – that he has migraines, very painful, but not lethal. ahhhhMemorable scenes:Gwendolyn: “much of it, a hodgepodge of twists and bends and corkscrews, each of which had a mind of its own, and all of them demented. Her hair, which was the complete antithesis of her level, steady, and orderly personality, made it very difficult for people to take her seriously… thanks to the crazed mass of red curls and corkscrews, every new person she met represented yet another uphill battle to prove herself.”“The damp does strange things to your hair, he said gruffly. All the little curls and corkscrews sprout up every which way, making a fuzzy red cloud… What on earth I is her hair doing? The medical men must ask themselves. One can’t be surprised at their failing to attend closely to what you say.”“She curled her fingers round his neck. “You’ve healed me, too, Cat. You made the doctor part and the woman part fit together.” “Because I love both parts,” he said softly. “All your parts. All of you.” ahhhh Promises by Lisa KleypasSetting: England, 1920 – country home, Acland Hall; De Gray House; Vauxhall; a few balls; Craven’s men’s clubTheme:Falling in love with the right man; risking loveCharacters:Lidian Acland: father passed, leaving them in debt but a small income from their land; she manages it the best she can, but it is hard; she meets Chance at a ball, and he is fun, he is charming, he is adventurous, he tells her he loves her, but that he must go to America and asks her to wait for him; she withdraws from what little society she enjoyed, waiting for him to return, and to her mother’s concern.Lord Eric De Gray: second son, footloose and fancy free – until his brother died; he is now the head of the family, and he is sought after by mothers and young women; he is handsome, a good man, impatient with the silly girls thrown his way; until he sees Lidian across the room and sees her gentle kindness to his sister (who spilled her punch)… and requests a dance with her.Summary:She tells him her heart belongs to another… and yet they begin the mating dance – she finds herself thinking more about him than Chance, he cannot stop thinking about her… she and her mother go to stay with his mother in London for the season… He is gentle and kind with her when she tracks Chance at Craven’s (after he tells her he saw him), and Chance is condescending to her, hurtful to her, telling her he’d come see her sometime – and Eric takes her to Vaux Hall to have a small adventure – a borderline naughty place where she wears a mask so as not to be recognized, and they walk through the gardens, and watch people… and he kisses her – ahhhAnd they spend more time together… he asks her to face her fears and give them up, and to see him… and she finally does… ahh The Kiss by Kathleen E WoodiwissSetting: colony town of Charleston; Oakley PlantationTheme: a kiss and love;Characters:Jeff Birmingham: self made man of means; loves his brother and his wife; has had a dream his whole life of chasing a beautiful woman in a field, and catching and kissing her.Raelynn Barrett: in London her father died leaving them all but penniless; her uncle shows up from nowhere, and takes charge; they go on a ship to America, her mother dies during the crossing; her uncle has whatever money is left; they land, and he sells her to a man to use as he will… she runs away, running into Jeff…Summary:Who recognizes her as the one he has dreamed of… and he rescues her from his uncle, offering to pay more for her… and then realizes that he has compromised her honor, and asks her to marry him – she agrees, but asks that he gives them time to know one another before insisting on his conjugal rights… his brother and sister in law show up after hearing the rumors, and he arranges for clothes for her, and a minister to join them and marry them… and when he kisses the bride, she finds herself melting into his kiss… they dine with his family… he takes her to her room – and asks if she needs anything, and she asks for a kiss… that takes him into her room ahhhhMemorable scenes:Gwendolyn: Her hair, which was the complete antithesis of her level, steady, and orderly personality, made it very difficult for people to take her seriously… thanks to the crazed mass of red curls and corkscrews, every new person she met represented yet another uphill battle to prove herself.”

❤❤❤❤I really wish I wouldn't have waited so long after reading this anthology to write a review since I don't think I can do it justice now. It's a great little read for historical romance lovers and if you're already a fan of Loretta Chase and Lisa Kleypas (I haven't read the other authors before) then I think you'll enjoy these stories too. So here goes my best shot at a review, about a week later.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Fancy Free by Catherine Anderson This story is set in a small, historical western town in Oregon and right off the bat we meet Clint Rafferty, the hard working rancher (farmer?) and eldest son who has been caring for his 7 younger brothers since his parent's death many years ago. During a trip into town Clint, who is looking for his brother Matt (who is apparently wildly popular with the ladies), considers that it might be time to marry. He reminisces about home cooked meals, the cozy touches only a women can add to a home and the benefits of having his youngest brothers grow up with a women carrying for them. He decides it might be time to marry. When a case of mistaken identity and a bump to the head finds Clint and the (town sheriff) Big Jim's daughter, Rachel Constantine in a compromising position (in the church no less) Clint doesn't protest when Big Jim demands they marry. Rachel on the other hand protests a lot.This story was cute, emotional and very likeable. It wasn't extremely memorable but I do recall enjoying reading it. I really liked the family feel, the sort of mad capped scenes involving Rachel and cooking/cleaning and the slow building to a love story.The Mad Earl's Bride by Loretta Chase Devon England 1820 Dorian Camoys is 20 years old and has a plan that will result in him finally gaining his freedom from a domineering grandfather. During a visit to his mother Aminita Camoys, we learn that Dorian's mother has many secrets, secrets she eventually will reveal in a fit of rage that results in the domineering grandfather confining her to a mental installation where she eventually dies of madness. Dorian's plans, his life, his freedom and his sanity are all destroyed.1828 Dorian has come down with the same madness his mother suffered and is given 6 months to live. His grandfather died in May dead so he is no longer running from/ruled by the man but he is still the heir and needs to secure his line by producing an heir of his own. The problem is he isn't married and truthfully he couldn't care less about his title. But a distant relative comes baring a solution: an old friend - Bertie Trent (Lord of Scoundrels - who I don't remember at all from that book but is the heroine's brother I think), a willing bride (21 year old Gwendolyn) who has her own reasons for marrying a young, handsome and dying Earl. I don't want to spoil this story so I won't say much other than I loved it. It's emotional, unusual, unique, dark, funny and sweet. Another great example of just how skilled Loretta Chase is. We also get to visit with Jessica and Dain (Lord of Scoundrels) which was awesome. Dain is the best! Dorian is a close second.Promises by Lisa KleypasEngland, 1820Lidian Acland meet the man of her dreams one year ago and she vowed to wait for him to return from his tour of the continent. Chance Spenser is the man of her dreams and he will return for her, any day now. She just knows it, no matter what her mother says about how Chase is simply a charmer and didn't mean his empty promises. Lord Eric de Gray, his family newly restored to their titles is the catch of the season though he's unimpressed with the prospect. He'd give it all up to have his deceased elder brother Edward back so he can assume the title that is no attracting so much attention. When Eric notices Lidian doing a kindness to his sister Dollie his instantly curious about her. Dollie tells him not to bother with Lidian since she's in love with Chance but Eric can't resist and is persistent in his curiosity of Lidian.This was a good little story with a great deal of action, a secondary love story and lots of witty, sweetness. I did however sometimes question Eric's motives. I've read only Kleypas's historicals (save 1 book) and though I have enjoyed all of them, there have been some really wonderful characters, stories and stand out moments that I'll never forget from those reads. That consistency makes Kleypas one of those reliable author to choose when I need something good to read. This story wasn't quite as wonderful as her other books but still a nice read.The Kiss by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss The brother to the hero in The Flame and the Flower, Jeff Birmingham has meet the love of his life many times. Unfortunately it's only been in his dreams. When his dream girl slams into him on the street he has only seconds to react as she goes careening into the street in the path of a coach. He saves her from certain death 'reluctant to lose her so soon after he found her' only to learn that her guardian is attempting to sell her to the highest bidder. That's who she is fleeing so in the middle of the street, in front of dozens of spectators Jeff Birmingham offers to buy Raelynn. Realizing the gossip and other repercussions his hasty actions will cause Jeff proposes to Raelynn immediately and she accepts.This historical that takes place in Charleston, though Raelynn is English. The setting was new to me as I've read very few American historicals. I didn't quite understand the referral to the housekeeper Cora as the "black woman" or "black housekeeper" every time she appeared in the story though. It was awkward. The story itself was cute and very short with a nice ending.

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I chose this book for my 2015 Reading Challenge from by TBR list. The first book "Fancy Free" was okay - but I would not waste the time to read it again. It was pretty obvious from the time Clint left the bar that there would be mistaken identity. Not really believable thatall the brothers had remained unmarried and still at home. Rachel was over dramatic with the revenge especially since her sister was so young. The blind as a bat flaw was mentioned on every page and got so old it detracted from the story. Once they marry she proves to be totally clueless and helpless. It was just uninspired writing.1 starThe Mad Earl's Bride by Loretta Chase had an interesting plot and I liked the fact that both H/h went into the marriage with no illusions on either side. Dorian had a difficult life and was man enough to turn his back on his heritage and work in the trenches. Gwendolyn was not a beauty but drew Dorian in with her intelligence and empathy. Knowing this is part of a series - I will read them all.4 starsPromises by Lisa Kleypas was unexceptional. Lidian falls for a scoundrel who goes to the continent for vacation before settling down. She is left behind pining for his return but in the meantime catches the eye of Eric who decides he needs to have her for his own. There is not much chemistry amongst the players - the rude uncle is more entertaining than others. I am a big fan of this author but I would not bother with this one again.2 starsThe Kiss by Kathleen Woodiwiss - a very quick intro to Jeff Birmingham meeting Raelynn as she attempts to escape from her diabolical uncle and what happens after he saves her. We have brief glimpse of his brother and sister in law who star in their own story The Flame and the Flower.4 stars
—Pam H

Rereading my all-time favourite short story (well, actually it's a category length story) The Mad Earl's Bride - starring the cousin of Bertie Trent, simple brother to the heroine of Lord of Scoundrels and a hero with a medical conundrum.Yes, it was as good during the umpteenth reread as it was at the start. There's one of my favourite Chase quotes in there - I have to see if it's up on GoodReads or add it - on the effect of physical beauty in a partner on a person who hasn't ever fallen in love before. And a very effective "steamy" bath love scene ^^.I enjoyed the delicacy with which Chase tried to mingle medical knowledge of the day and symptoms that spell something quite different these days - and the eventual resolution of what was wrong with Dorian.Bertie Kent is much more loveable in this short story, and the tiny dialogue the heroine has with her mother is golden. My favourite part of the story is probably the whole-hearted thankfulness and enjoyment the hero develops for being actually loved and accepted - he'll go to any lengths, do things distasteful to him to encourage Gwendolyn to shine and do what she has always wanted to do.

April 10, 2014THE KISSI am not going to write a review for the Kathleen E. Woodiwiss story. I am posting this so those that might read this review will know that THE KISS is the first part of the prelude to A SEASON BEYOND A KISS. The second part of the prelude is BEYOND THE KISS. If you have any plans to read A SEASON BEYOND A KISS then you definitely should read the two prelude stories. These stories are about Jeff Birmingham, Brandon's brother from A FLAME AND A FLOWER.PROMISESThis is probably not going to be a very long review. It is hard to write a good review for such a short story. The characters always seem a little shallow in a novella. It is hard to get to know them and for them to develop a relationship with so few pages. Maybe that is why Eric De Gray and Lidina Acland aren't as wonderful as some of Ms. Kleypas's other characters. The story is a good story but it could have been great with a few more words. There would have been great potential for developing the villain into a really nasty man. Ms. Kleypas does do a pretty good job of making Chance Spencer look like most young woman’s worst nightmare. He is an arrogant, self-centered, misogynist. Eric gives him the thrashing that he deserves.Eric De Gray is a caring, loving son and brother. He suffers from survivor’s guilt after losing his brother in a hunting accident. He has become a serious man that takes his responsibilities for his family very seriously.Lidina Acland has taken on the management of the estate her father left. His death hit both her mother and Lidina very hard. Lidina is a little naive and a little too trusting. She has never been courted and has few friends she could talk to about life and men. She is kind and serious and intelligent.There are several love stories going on in these few pages. It might have been better to just have concentrated on one and written the other at another time. This story is worth the time to read even if it is just to get a taste of Ms. Kleypas's talent for telling a good story that will keep you turning the pages to get to the end.
—Oleta Blaylock

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