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Thrown By A Curve (2013)

Thrown by a Curve (2013)

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0425253457 (ISBN13: 9780425253458)
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About book Thrown By A Curve (2013)

Definitivamente fue mil veces mejor que el anterior, muchas gracias Jaci por volver a atraparme con esta historia! Sexy, divertida y sin dramas, los personajes principales fueron geniales, las personalidades de ambos fueron muy frescas y se complementaron a la perfección! Garret fue sexy lo que le sigue, divertido, absolutamente hot y cocinaaaaaa!!! Un hombre que cocina es uffff jajaja lo amo, puedo decir que hasta ahora es mi personaje masculino favorito de esta serie; Alicia fue hermosa, una mujer decidida, a la cual no le importa admitir lo que desea en su vida, muuuuuuy divertida y llevadera, también se convierte en una de mis favoritas, esta al mismo nivel en mi corazón que Liz!!!Los momentos hot entre ellos fueron awww PERFECTOS!!!!! Enserioooooooo yo quiero un Garret ♡Me encantó la simplicidad con la que se resolvieron las cosas, claro eso no le quita mérito a las acciones que Garret quería realizar para defender su relación con Alicia, eso me hizo amarlo mucho mucho más!!! Estoy ansiosa por leer el que sigue, pinta para ser igual de bueno que este, bueno eso espero, así que ojala pueda leerlo pronto! This is the first book I've read in the Play-By-Play series and it was seriously enjoyable. My introduction to the Rileys and their extensive, athletic family was easy despite the fact that I'm jumping in midway into a series. Plus all the characters, including the hero Garrett and heroine Alicia, were easy to like which bodes well when I go back and read the previous books.I enjoyed the style of writing, it was easy to read because it was so well written. It didn't lag or move the story along at too slow or too quick a pace. I always enjoy when writers know exactly how to move a story along so that I don't even realize I'd read half the book in one sitting and it felt like I just got started.As for the story itself, Alicia is a athletic therapist and she's tasked with helping star pitcher Garrett Scott rehab himself back into shape prior to the new baseball season. Garrett is convinced that this injury has screwed his career and he'd never pitch again while Alicia strongly believes that his negative thinking is what's preventing him from successfully completing rehab. As she begins her treatment of him, her take no prisoner attitude intrigues Garrett, along with her beauty and wit. THey start to spend a lot of time together and it eventually leads to the inevitable even though Alicia's aware that as an employee of the baseball club, she can't fraternize with any of the players.What I really enjoyed was that for as steamy as the love scenes were (and boy were there some doozies), it never felt awkward or embarrassing to read. Ms. Burton made some very intimate scenes between Garrett and Alicia but they were so tastefully done.Towards the end, Garrett was a bit of a baby in his attitude, which I would have hoped that he grew out of as he saw progress with Alicia's treatment but in the end, that helped effectively lead us to our HEA so I can forgive that.Looking forward to checking out the previous and the more recent of this series!

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I have really enjoyed this whole it!!

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