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Tigermond (2005)

Tigermond (2005)

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I bought this at a Barnes and Nobles that was going out of business years ago. I thought the cover was just beautiful. While it sounds like it's the story of a princess, it's really the story of a thief that goes on a quest to save the princess and I think this the first thing that threw me off. I expected to follow the princess, instead I was following a thief who was suddenly turning his life around and his white tiger. And then there is the woman telling the thief's story who makes it clear that she doesn't believe the story in the end and yet clearly it does all seem to be happening with her participation no less.That being said, I did think that the story was actually beautifully told. The language was gorgeous and the look of the book also worked very well with the story including some nice patterns on each page. I know the book is good but it wasn't for me as much as I thought it was. Yay! I just finished this book! Took me forever to read. I'm not really sure why.Maybe it was the fact that I really couldn't immerse myself in most of the book. Some parts were really exciting and made me keep turning the page, but much of it was really quite the opposite.Put aside the very little bad feedback. Haha. I loved this book! It was really imaginative and fun to read. Nitish, the tiger, was definitely the best character.I hope you take time out of your day to read this book. It may just be me, but this book was a difficult one to power read through. Enjoy!Comment. Please. Now.I'm out.

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loved it...lots of adventure and 2 stories link up quite nicely at the end

Loved this wonderful fantasy adventure.

I think it is very great

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