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Time Mends (2011)

Time Mends (2011)

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Tammy Blackwell

About book Time Mends (2011)

Follows on immediately from where Destiny Bind ends. Whilst nursing her heartache, Scout makes some strange new discoveries about herself. She starts rebuilding her relationships with Jase and Charlie which had become strained following the accident and Alex becomes her guide on her journey of self-discovery. He also teaches her about the hierarchy and rules of the shifter world. After learning about a new aspect of her personality, Scout joins a new pack to try and save Talley from having to return to her father’s pack and Talley and Jase are forced together as mates. We learn more about the Alpha Pack when they take Scout prisoner prior to her trial for being a Thaumaturgic (a witch), an allegation that leaves her feeling utterly betrayed when she discovers the identity of the person who made the allegation. The book ends with the start of Scout's trial. Me gusta mucho esta trilogía, y me preguntaba que iba de ser entre Scout y Alex, lo que me resulto muy lindo, porque a pesar de que ya murió ella aun lo ama, y él también, sus palabras son tan dulces y su amor eterno. Me cuesta entender porqué todos están en contra de Scout, o sea, lo único que le paso fue que se transformó, no tiene ni puta idea de porqué, pero las personas que la criaron le dieron la espalda, los únicos fueron Charlie, quien la ama aunque nunca van a superar lo que pasó, Talley quien es la más leal de las amigas, ella es la parte racional de los personajes, y Jase. Nadie le explica nada, solo la acusan por ser bruja, y ella de "que mierda pasa acá?!" El final fue genial, porque otra no podía pasar, al fin Liam aparece, ojala terminen juntos y Alex permitiendo esa unión.

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I love these books! The dialogue is so witty and entertaining it was hard to put the book down.

I liked this even better than the first one.

Great Young Adult paranormal series

Strong and emotional

MORE amazing!

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