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Tükeniş (2011)

Tükeniş (2011)
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Tükeniş (2011)
Tükeniş (2011)

About book: So after reading Wake I was a bit hesitant to pick this book up. Now I wouldn't say it was horrible, but it wasn't my favorite. The plot was super interesting, but I feel like there isn't any depth to the characters; Like I'm not attached to Janie or Cabel. Other than that, the story was great! SPOILERSThe second the chem 2 party began and Janie ate a meatball, I knew it was all downhill. Mr. Durbin was a smart man! No way he'd leave the drug out of the foods. But it creeped me out. I was scared for Janie! Creepy man teachers. Ew. Cabel handled it in the weirdest way. By avoiding Janie, he made me angry with him and he isn't even my boyfriend! Janie is going blind? I did call that, but it was more of a theory. Now that it's confirmed I'm a little freaked out! Poor Janie. I felt like Janie and Cabe's relationship was a little all over the place in Fade. I know that is what the book was supposed to be centered around, but I feel like it wasn't the main focus. The plot was more focused on Janie coming to terms with what becomes of a Dream Catcher. Miss. Stubin is the bomb! I want to dream of her! All in all I enjoyed this book, but I wasn't impressed. It was also insanely predictable and left no mystery to the reader. Like the first this book was pretty good. I am disappointed on how slowly things are and then in the last 30 pages or so everything comes out. Like it really took ya long enough. You will have everything figured out by the time they tell you so you will be somewhat aggravated bc you have to wait so long for confirmation. Still interested to see where this thing goes though so I will be reading the last book.
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As brilliant as Wake...Actually, even better! I love Cabel's and Janie's blossoming relationship.♥
A great scary story with a lot of real life drama- it really pulls you in!
Fast-paced and intriguing. A good middle book.
I liked it better than the first one.
I didn't mean to rate it,
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