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To Catch A Wolf (2014)

To Catch a Wolf (2014)

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About book To Catch A Wolf (2014)

Not sure how to start this review ... this is one of my favorite, newer (for me) authors, and I love The Jamesburg Shifters series. This is the 1st book of the series, but I read it out of order (like after 5 others). That was a good thing I think, as this book kind of jumped right into the story of a mixed couple (shifter & human) who were into a 1 1/2 year hidden relationship. A very nice, sexy, steamy relationship to be sure! But, no build up of the primary characters, no descriptions about why they are hiding their relationship and no background about the town they are in (an important mention) is all very slow coming to light. The story does pick up about 1/2 way through with more twists and surprise developments. There is good secondary character build up (important for future books).All in all this was a good, sizzling, sexy, funny, quick read. I really have enjoyed the others in this series a lot more, so be sure to check them all out. Each book is a HAE & stand-alone, all within the fantastic town of Jamesburg!! I read the description for this book and it sounded like a good read. Since I knew it was part of a series I checked out the other books and they sounded good also. so I bought all the books to read. I love reading series and always looking for new ones to read and this looked like a good series. Boy was I wrong, at least as far as the first book is concerned. This book has got to be one of the most ridiculous books I have ever read. It is supposed to humorous but came off to me as just plain dumb. The storyline makes no sense, it jumps around confuses you about what is going on. It is unlike any shifter book I've ever read. I guess the author thought since it was a paranormal book and everything about it was fantasy then she could make up anything she wanted about shifters. Well I guess she could but it is mainly what makes the book ridiculous and hard to read. Yes, I know shifters aren't real but the author could have at least tried to follow the norm for a shifter book. I really, REALLY hope the other books are better. I will read the next book in the series since I have bought them all but if the second book is like the first then it will be the last one I read. I hope the author appreciates the sells cause that is all she is getting from me.

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Underdeveloped characters especially Erik

though sex, not enough coherent plot


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