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To Have And Have Another: A Hemingway Cocktail Companion (2012)

To Have and Have Another: A Hemingway Cocktail Companion (2012)
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To Have And Have Another: A Hemingway...
To Have And Have Another: A Hemingway Cocktail Companion (2012)

About book: To Have and Have Another is a wonderfully bad influence. Part cocktail compendium, part biography, the Hemingway Cocktail Companion examines the many different cocktails used in Hemingway's works, their recipes, how they are used as literary devices, the history of the cocktail, and Hemingway's personal history with the cocktail. It also conveys, through stories involving his prodigious drinking, Hemingway's general badassery. From going deep sea fishing, pulling in a tuna with one hand and shooting at sharks with the other, to cleaning his fractured skull from a plane crash with gin, to throwing a pugilist and his pet lion out of a bar (both by the scruff of their necks). Highly recommended. I liked this book a lot. It is essentially a coffee table book of sorts.... read a chapter based on a drink recipe, read anecdotes on Hem and from his work related to said drink recipe... and it is way fun if you like Hem and his work and the whole drinking/writing life he lived. And I do! Greene is no literary scholar, but he researched deeply into Hemingway's bios and works to make drink connections, he has fun with it all. Greene is a drink historian, a mixologist, and good storyteller who obviously both loves Hemingway as writer and drinker though refuses to deify him.. knows he is a liar and not a saint on any level... which makes it more entertaining.
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Basically Hemingway invented every cocktail ever.
if you love Hemingway you will love this book.
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