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To Seduce A Sinner (2008)

To Seduce a Sinner (2008)

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About book To Seduce A Sinner (2008)

Wow what an amazing read! Hoyt sure knows how to build up and write sexual tension between characters. I'm so glad I decided to give this book a chance. The story line was fresh and although I've read a lot of "wounded hero" plots, I really liked this one. I just wish Melisande's character had more depth, I felt like I knew her but I didn't know her well enough. Jasper's character was solid and very well rounded. I also liked the back and forth bantering between Jasper and Melisande. Another thing I loved was Sally and Pynch's added storyline. You never really read about the hired help in these sort of books and it was rather nice to read. yaa bu kadının kitaplarını okumayi bitirince içime bir hüzün çöküyor hiç bitmesin :D her zaman ki gibi cok guzeldi ve ben yine seriye ortadan başlamışım :D ne diyeyim kitapla ilgili soylenebilecek tek olumsuzluk yazim hatalari olabilir ki bu da cok sevgili pegasus yayinlarinin suçu... ben cok begendim, devam kitaplarini ve tabi ki serinin ilk kitabini da yakinda okuyacağımı umuyorum :)

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Like this author, good characters, great story, good romance

Re-read this.

Virei fan :P

very boring.


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