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To Sin With A Stranger (2008)

To Sin With a Stranger (2008)

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About book To Sin With A Stranger (2008)

Glad I only borrowed this one from the library and didn't pay for it. I've read my fair share of Regency romances, and while I can't claim any real knowledge of the period, I'm pretty sure I could do a better job than the author did at representing it on paper. The concept seems so fun, but oh, the plot is so spastic, for lack of a better term. So many others have already enumerated the book's faults that I don't need to go into them as well. Suffice it to say, I will not be borrowing the rest of the series. This is the first book in her Seven Deadly Sins series that is something to look forward to. Kathryn has come up with a great idea about seven siblings from Scotland, known as the Seven Deadly Sins. The Sinclairs have been banished from their father as punishment for all their unruly behavior. They must make their way, on their own, without any help from him. They all have an allowance and must figure out a way to keep food on the table and a shelter over their heads. This first book is about the heir and eldest sibling, Sinclair, who is cursed with greed. Sinclair is a pretty alright fellow and feels he is responsible for everything that has befallen his younger brothers and sisters. He will try his best to make sure they are all taken care of, even if he has to start wagering and becoming a boxer and fighter to make ends meet.Sinclair makes the acquaintance of Miss Isobel Carrington who is a do-gooder. She wants to help the poor unfortunate widows and children of soldiers who go off to war and don’t return. When Sinclair and Isobel meet, it is not under the best of circumstances. Soon Sinclair knows a way to make his fortune and that is to make a wager that he can get Isobel to marry him. Soon all of London is in on the bet and even Isobel will use this wager to help in her cause. Both Sinclair and Isobel join forces with each get what they want. Not only do they become friends, but as in most romances of this ilk, they become lovers.To Sin With a Stranger is a bit of an unconventional story. The Sinclair siblings all care for one another other and are there to help each other out. I can’t wait to read the future novels of the Sinclair clan.

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Really liked the characters and pacing in this novel so much more than her previous series.

The dialogue in some places felt stilted, but overall it was ok.


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