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Toil And Trouble (2000)

Toil and Trouble (2000)

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About book Toil And Trouble (2000)

I didn't like the first book in this series, but I gave the second a shot because I like other series by this author. My expectations were low because I despised the characters previously. Characters that are over the age of 18 but act like they're experiencing puberty pangs are intolerable. I must have been high on carbon monoxide fumes when I bought this book.If you're wondering what killed it for me, I present the following: "...his limp thingy"" a hula hoop sausage style"That's right, folks. I bought an adult paranormal romance that was written by a 12 year old girl. I can watch Kindergarten Cop and hear a 5 year old say "penis and vagina", but an adult author who can physically drive to the f**king book store, buy a thesaurus, and actually read it gives me "thingy"?!? THINGY? Cock, wang, franks and beans, dick, third leg, schlong, ding dong, man meat, love sword, rod' o' passion, dinglehopper....ANYTHING BUT THINGY! What are you going to do next? Poke it with a stick?"Ewwww, his thingy moved!!""That means it likes you, honey!" This one was good but, I had to only give it three star cause the Author has way too much Product/brand name product placement. Advertising is not needed in books. Also Rand's character is written poorly in this book. He is written like a high school love sick girl thinks a guy should feel. The Author also repeats the same stuff too much and at times says something completely different than what it said chapters back, like she forgot. Maybe needs to be a better editor to catch that. I will continue on with books but it is no way near as good as the Sookie Stackhouse books. It is a mix of Twilight and Stackhouse books but not near as good as either. They are close to Twilight with the male characters being so cheesy.

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Cute and fast paced. Jolie, the heroine, thinks and talks like a teenager, though.

Cute! Wasn't sure where it was going for awhile, but enjoyable just the same.

Non stop! Could not book this book down.

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