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Tony Chu, Detective Canibal - Volume Um: Ao Gosto Do Freguês (2014)

Tony Chu, Detective Canibal - Volume Um: Ao Gosto do Freguês (2014)
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Tony Chu, Detective Canibal - Volume ...
Tony Chu, Detective Canibal - Volume Um: Ao Gosto Do Freguês (2014)

About book: It's interesting to see magical realism put through the comic filter. It's not quite Like Water for Chocolate... For comics though, superpowers granted through food is a new angle (to my knowledge) and the plot is pleasingly absurd in case anyone doesn't want to engage with the satirical elements. Layman has a knack for writing the hyperbolic comedy that comics serve so well. Guillory's artwork is also nicely anarchic and unflattering, Chu in particular pulling a great selection of displeased faces. There were maybe a couple of moments of exposition that I could have done without, but still this is a lot of fun and imaginatively vulgar without being crass. I enjoy things that take a completely ludicrous concept and then try to explore its logical consequences. This comic offers both a ludicrous future scenario and a ludicrous superpower, and it gets things off to a fairly compelling start. I'll probably try to read more of this in the future (though right now I'm just sifting through goodies provided by Humble Bundle, so I have a lot of reading to do).
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This was quite interesting and different, and I loved the artwork.
This book is disgusting, but totally enjoyable.
So original. Just loved this graphic novel.
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