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Tony Chu, Détective Cannibale Tome 3: Croque Mort (2010)

Tony Chu, Détective cannibale tome 3: Croque Mort (2010)

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About book Tony Chu, Détective Cannibale Tome 3: Croque Mort (2010)

The relatively sedate action in this volume is more than made up for with the last chapter: finding out where it all went wrong, also known as meeting Tony's family.The events of Vol 2 are fairly wrapped up, excepting a certain vicious chicken and a certain broken jaw. A brief bust -and first date - transition into a more full time relationship, which means less running after crooks and more time for the girlfriend.Which would work a lot better if a certain rogue ninja/Colonel Sanders cross weren't back in the picture. Menace -face returns full time, with a more subdued color palette to match. There's also some fun with in medias res, and more risks taken with the writing that mostly pay off.The larger plot returns with a vengeance in this installment... as does the past. There's more to that Thanksgiving dinner than meets the eye.Also, chogs. Or fricken, which I have to agree sounds more appealing. This may be the volume where Chew jumps to a new level of great. Tony and Amelia are dating now, his partner Colby has his back, and things are starting to go well. Then of course, a face from the past comes back, and it's a little more complicated than we would think. The sheer ridiculous nature of the story makes it much easier for the writer to focus more on the characterization of Tony and the other main characters. We also get a big intro into the rest of the Chu family beyond Chow, including a surprise that throws things for a loop. Toss in a new Samuel L. Jackson like secret agent who may or may not be trusted and the layers on intrigue just pile up. Oh and that doesn't even account for the ex-fiancee of Tony's who gave him a very personal 'gift'.Bravo, long may this series keep running. Proof that you don't need dark and gritty realism to make a fantastic series worth devouring.

Do You like book Tony Chu, Détective Cannibale Tome 3: Croque Mort (2010)?

Relationship DRAMA! Also family DRAMA!

Trash and awfully funny !

I love this series!

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