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Too Fast (2013)

Too Fast (2013)

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1491050349 (ISBN13: 9781491050347)
Alexia Haynes

About book Too Fast (2013)

Not only did Luke and Savannah's relationship go "too fast" but there were "too" many mothers that suck, "too" much drama without any depth, resolutions came "too" easy, and I didn't think this was even possible but there was "too" much sex.Stars given for some parts of the dialogue that were genuinely amusing.The story was obviously set up for more books but not well enough that I'm itching to get my hands on the next one. Too Fast was a quick and very enjoyable read!Savannah was a devoted, hard-working college student trying to make it through school without the help of her promiscuous mother. Luke supports his family and takes care of his 15 yr old sister, all while trying to deal with his mother's mental health issues. Savannah is looking for a one-night stand and spends the night with Luke. Their intense sexual chemistry had them quickly turn their one night together into one month together. Emotional, passionate and romantic are words to describe this Alexia Haynes novel and I look forward to reading more by her in the future.

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Quick sexy read. It really was Too Fast but it seemed to work for this book.

Really enjoyed this story! Got sucked in right away!

~ 3.75 - 4 Stars ~

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