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Torn From You (2000)

Torn from You (2000)

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I love dark erotica books but it is quite difficult for me to give 4 or above stars to such books. The story line should be really good and well written.There should absolutely no unnecessary details, for i hate it when the writers fill half or more of the book with descriptions where you hardly hear anything from the characters mouths.And this book really did have all the good stuff i can expect in a novel.The characters were great and their emotions were so intense, very well written, keeps you going from the first page. Great work Nashoda Rose, thanks for the dream. This is not an easy book to read. My feelings were so raw and I just felt an unexplainable amount of empathy for the h along with all the slaves humiliated at the compound. The *warning posted on the book did not fully prepare as I'm certain nothing could. (**Warning: This book contains some disturbing situations, strong language and sexual content. Over 18 years.) The relationship between Logan and Emily is developed in the 0.5 novella which I read first (recommend you do too) and loved it without reservation. Their chemistry crackles and it's the good girl falling for the band bad boy who won't even tell her his full name. He has an unimaginable dark past and tries to keep it tucked tight there. The characters development happens after chapter 12 if you can make it through those. They are difficult and extremely graphic chapters but there is so much real healing that goes into the book from that point forward. I would not be able to read this level of darkness very often because it settles over my mind set causing a huge spiral of mental exhaustion and strain then ultimately it makes me angry. There are a few details that made me disbelieve the "realness" of the storyline but the remainder was real and mostly too real... It could truly happen. Honestly I was speed reading and glancing through some pages in the 1st 12 chapters because it was just too much to bear. I tried to give an honest review to a book that is new territory for me personally. I attempted to judge the book itself without being judgmental. At first I gave it 4stars but I have to admit that I was impartial due to the subject matter. However it has to be a 5 star book for me because I became vested in Emily and Logan but It is no pretty romance story. This book shakes you up and hits such gut wrenching emotion that it affects you.

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Wow, I did not expect this series! So happy to have stumbled onto a new amazing author!!

Wow! Can't wait for the second book! Very good read.

It was good but I wanted more angst.

3.5 star rating(:one word. SEXY.


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